"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Friday, May 31, 2013

phfr: ~ Confirmation Celebrations ~

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Fear of the Lord
I found these beautiful wooden 'Come Holy Spirit' signs and then printed out each Confirmand's name to designate their seat & to reserve a pew for their family.

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The sanctuary was so beautiful in red...
Butterfly's cake was from our favorite cake shop (downtown)...and similiar to Conductor's cake.
So beautiful, so delicious.
This is the moment that has been anticipated...
Come Holy Spirit!
I wasn't able to capture "The Slap"
I love the picture above (lower left) where big brother (and MC) is assisting his sister.  Butterfly read the Prayer of the Faithful (above, right). 
She is pictured with her sponsor (lower right)
We had a full house...ten of the Confirmandi came together and continued  the joyous celebration at our home.  We were surrounded by families and friends - it was an absolutely wonderful day!!! 
There was singing and laughter and a good time was had by all...
Did I mention Singing!?!  They were singing beautiful music, playing the piano and singing songs like Ave Verum Corpus!!!!  No prompting, no planning.  It was simply spontaneous and from the heart (and soul)...us adults heard this glorious sound (coming from the inside of the house)...
as we file into the house,  we found this scene (above).
I had to hold back tears...I was so struck and overwhelmed.
These are our teens!!!  Needless to say, us mothers (and fathers) were beyond pleased.
And yet ANOTHER reason why I/we home-school.
One of the young men even broke out an accordion...it was a wild party, I tell ya!
 Butterfly chose two different cakes, chocolate and rasberry in fondant and lemon with light lemon creme in whipped cream...we made the toppers on the whipped cream cake, while my baker made the topper on the fondant cake.  Two cakes were perfect...last year we had cake coming out of our ears more than enough!

~ The Catechists ~
Husband is wearing his RED tie...
going over the particulars.
~ The MC (Master of Ceremonies) ~
My son making sure things run flawlessly, (and they did).

Our good friends (who's daughter also made her Confirmation) put out this spread!!!
Aren't those 'Tongues of Fire' in the middle of the meat tray great!?! 
So creative and festive!
Everyone pitched in to make an amazing feast for all....
I wasn't able to take a picture of our traditional 'First Communion Punch', now called 'Confirmation Punch' - it was a big hit! 
And below is our beloved pastor leading us all in song...
 it was a remarkable day!
~ + ~

Confirmation Prayer
O Holy Spirit of God; take me as Thy disciple.
Guide me, illuminate me, sanctify me. Bind my hands that they may do no evil.
Cover my eyes that they may see it no more. Sanctify my heart that evil may not dwell within me.
Be Thou my God. Be Thou my guide.
Whatsoever Thou forbiddest me I will renounce.
And whatsoever Thou commandest me, in Thy strength I will do.
Lead me then unto the fullness of Thy truth.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

~ phfr ~ Totally Terrific Tea Edition

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
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This Week I hosted a Mother & Daughter Tea with Mary...

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist came to our home and shared a little about their work and lives as Brides of Christ.  It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.


The tables were all set to a Marian theme...

she definitely can make a table pretty.

Little Lamb with Sister Mary Judith

Now, if that isn't a {happy} & joyous smile, I don't know what is!

An unknown dream was to have a harp in my home, it's such an elegant and peaceful musical instrument...my dream came true!

The lovely lady that played this heavenly instrument, had graciously agreed to play at our tea just days before, as I met her at my daughter's Confirmation reception...her niece was also Confirmed.  God is good and generous with his blessings!
{funny} how everyone wanted to help...so wonderful!!!  There were lots of helpful young maidens...and even a young gentleman to help with the details and behind the scene prep.
Conductor helped with set up & details

So, what is so {funny} about all this food?  Nothing, but it was sure {fun} to enjoy!  Just sorry I wasn't able to capture every delicious dish in photo form...
Sr. Mary Judith, O.P
I cannot believe the Sisters were {real}ly here in my home!
Sr. Maria Fatima, O.P
Sr. Mary Samuel Handwerker, O.P and founding member.
 Meet more of the Dominican Sisters, here.
(out of privacy for the young girls, I am limiting the amount of pictures shared here on my blog)
 The Dominican Sisters' visit was fun, happy, and real....
It was exciting, engaging and, OH, so lovely!!!!
Besides the exciting news of the Dominican Sisters making it to the finals on the American Bible Challenge!  The Season finale will air, TONIGHT, Thursday , May 23 at 9/8c!
The Sisters have so many wonderful opportunities & retreats to offer & grow in faith; we will be trying this new one for sure!
Also, some 'Fast Facts' about the Dominican Sisters:
  • Founded in 1997 with four Sisters
  • Grown to over 115 Sisters
  • Average age of the Sisters is 28
  • Average age of women who enter is 21
  • Sisters presently represent most of the States across America, and Provinces in Canada
And away they went....

Dear Sisters, we will keep you close in our prayers....
"Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You."
"Mary, Mother of Jesus, be my mother too."
"Jesus meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine."
"O, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."
"Sacred Heart of Jesus, I implore that I may love You forevermore."
~ prayer taken from Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

~ Veni Sancte Spiritus ~

The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Charity (Love)
...Veni Creator Spiritus!

Monday, May 13, 2013

~ Tea With Mary... ~

We are hosting a Mother/Daughter Tea with the

At the "Hand-Maid With Love" Gardens...

We are looking forward to sharing a lovely afternoon with the Sisters as they share their lives as Brides of Christ, with us!

Highlights to follow...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

~ Mother's Day ~ May 12, 2013

A gift from my son...

Very thoughtful...very sweet (very delicious, too!)  Love the lemon flavor on shortbread.

A gift from my youngest (Little Lamb)...

Cinnamon-y hot chocolate from scratch...Mexican Hot Chocolate!  My fave.

A gift from my Butterfly....an amazing Sunday Brunch for me, my mother-in-law, and sister-in-law...

A gift to all mothers...I LOVE to make flower arrangements.

A gift to Our Lady...Our Mother.

After the lilies have opened up a bit...I believe they are happy being at the foot of Our Lady as she cuddles her Son.

The morning began...listening to my daughters sing in the choir at the Cathedral; while my son served, as our bishop celebrated the Holy Mass. 

Then home, where my husband delighted me with a few of my favorite things...similiar to last years lovely brunch
Cookies Hand-made with love from SIL

A Very Blessed Mother's Day to All...