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Friday, October 24, 2014

~ Papal Cream Cake ~

After a quick search, I came across the simplest & quickest version of kremowka papieska (pronounced: kreh-MOOV-kah  pah-PYESS-kah) or Papal Cream Cake. 

This Polish dessert was renamed papal cream cake after it was learned that Pope John Paul II ate this as a youth, and apparently, he was quite fond of this delicious pastry.  

It is pretty high-profile dessert, now; and the story of how Karol Wojtyla, enjoyed this creamy pastry delight from his friend's father's bakery, is endearing.

It is the perfect choice of celebratory food, as we celebrate this 1st special occasion.  

On the first anniversary feast day of Pope St. John Paul II - we enjoy the kremowka papieska!

The Pastry Cream recipe I found, turned out to be DELICIOUS.  It was so easy to make.  Six basic ingredients:  milk, sugar, vanilla, salt, cornstarch & egg yolks.  It took about 15 minutes to make this delicious custard cream filling.

I cheated and used a pre-made puff pastry; so, I didn't need the butter after all.  The entire dessert (from start to finish) took less than an hour...that includes clean up.  I did have the frozen pastry dough thawed prior to my baking and prep time.

This was my first time making this dessert.  Perfect for a first time anniversary!

You can find the full step by step recipe for Papal Cream Cake here.


  1. This looks delicious ... but then all your food photos do.

    You had ready made puff pastry ... did you lay it out, put the custard on it, then cooked it? Or cooked it first and then (somehow) put the custard in between the pastry (that must have been fun). A Greek aunt of mine makes some sort of pastry with custard inside. Never asked her how she does it because after an Ouzo or two I don't care.

    Thanx for visiting my cat and dog Blogs. Replied there.

    God bless.

    1. I baked the puff pastry sheet first, then placed the custard on one sheet and covered with the second - like a sandwich.
      It was very easy.


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