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Thursday, June 18, 2015

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I thought the sky above the dorms looked pretty amazing.  Conductor is traveling through New York, D.C. and then onto Virginia to check out colleges.  He will spend the week experiencing the summer program at Christendom College.  The Summer Program allows participants to take classes, meet the faculty and staff and experience a lot of fun activities while meeting new friends.  Pretty good.

Along the way, he was blessed to serve the Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in N.Y.  I would have loved to been there, but was happy to pray the Mass here in California.  He also served the Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (America's Catholic Church) located on the campus of the Catholic University of America.
Although I miss him terribly, I am so happy to know that he is experiencing so many wonderful faithful things right now...speaking of happy...


My Little Lamb just finished with the American Heritage Girls Court of Honor and Bridging - End of Year - Ceremony.  What a happy, happy girl!  In addition to all the badges she has diligently worked for, LL also received the Presidential Award and Gold Pin.  These are awarded to those girls that have provided over 75 hours of service to the community.  I am truly proud of my little lady, because it was she that initiated and completed the work.  The motivation and determination came from her and her alone.  Way to go Little Lamb!  (I actually do call her this pet name).  My Little Lamb-y is growing and maturing so very fast!
Presidential Award and various badges at the AHG ceremony


I have a new {fun} hobby.  Funny, it is something I found a real chore and unappealing in the past, I now receive a certain amount of pleasure from...Reading several fashion and beauty blogs have become part of my weekly stress outlet.  It used to read and peruse through cookbooks.  Although, I do still enjoy a good cookbook, I know enjoy learning and applying some simple beauty tips and fashion  sense to my wardrobe.  I am finding that I can look put together by using clothes (that I would never think to put together) that already exist in my wardrobe, and create a stylish outfit.  Who would have thought!?  I think I am finally finding my style.  I am obviously a late bloomer.

My new favorite fashion blogs also remind me to only buy items that I can use with pieces of clothing that I already own (verses purchasing something for the sake of just liking it, or because it is on clearance at a super incredible price), which is sensible and thoughtful.  It is sometimes hard to avoid the temptation to purchase a piece of clothing that I like, or that is on clearance.  Here, less is better.  Practicing the virtue of temperance; everything in moderation.

Anyhow, one habit I now practice is placing out my clothes the night before or before I jump in the shower.  This helps in several ways:
1.  It takes me less time to get ready.  Really.  Try it.
2.  I wear something other than pjs or sportswear.
3.  I actually use the clothes in my closet.
4.  It helps me to focus on loosing the extra pounds I am now accustomed to lugging around.

Here are a couple outfits that I have been sporting this Spring & Summer.

I have worn the brown tunic for about 6 years now and I still love it.  It neutralizes the bright colors that I want to wear, but I am not real confident wearing.  I'm a neutral color kinda gal.  Although I do admire a splash of color here and there...that is why I love a good scarf.  Even muted colored scarves  are fun.  Also, you will see the same white jeans, these get a lot of wear in the summer.

The brown sleeveless dress is a recent purchase.  It was such a good deal at $12 (I know, I know - everything in moderation...).  This lightweight dress (it feels like silk, but it is actually polyester) with nice zippered pockets is perfect for keeping cooler in the hotter summer weather.  The quality zippered pockets are deep, so you can actually use them!  I am pairing them with sandals to keep it casual.  I found this dress at Marshalls, along with the beige shoes pictured in the middle.  Those, too, were a steal (not to mention super comfy)!

The other sandals I picked up at my local supermarket (yes, you read that correctly).  I paid about $5 or less for them (usually getting them on clearance at the end of the season sale).  I do not like wearing flats, I find them extremely uncomfortable.  I need something with a little heel and a lot of cushion.  (TMI?)
Moving along...


Just days before our 25th anniversary, I found a small nest built right onto the wreath of our front door.  And just 18 days ago, I found the nest contained two small eggs, which later turned out to hold (at least) four eggs.

Yesterday, I took a peek inside the nest and this is what I found...

Oh. What. Joy.  I am SO EXCITED!!!  I was so afraid that mama bird would not return because of our big 25th party (which I tried to divert our guests to use the back kitchen door).  Since then, I have taped off the area and I do not let anyone up to the front door.
Inside front door, off limits.   Holy water font, still accessible.  

These are before and after pictures.  My sister took the pic of me when I found the eggs, the day of our 25th Wedding Anniversary party.  Now I have cordoned off the front door area.
I took the picture of the newly hatched birds with my iphone after I saw the mama-bird fly away.  I was just too curious about how things were progressing.  Soon, I expect to hear a lot of chirping, and perhaps there will be some clean up issues after the family moves on...that's the reality of it all.  It will be nice to have our front entrance back again.  In the meanwhile, this is so lovely and beautiful and real.

I hope to be able to post about the (House Finch) birds successful departure, too!  I have read they may carry certain parasites...um.  yuck.

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  1. Congratulations on all the good news about your family and your 25th Wedding Anniversary. Also, your new house finches guests.

    God bless you and your family always.

  2. Congratulations to you and the hubby on your silver milestone! And what better reward for both you than the fact that your children are growing up so beautifully! And let us not forget those surprises in the nest!

    I love those outfits; you should do a post on how to put together a day's attire. Really!

    1. Thank you, Marcia!

      I would like to do some posts on outfits...I have learned a lot about dressing nice with items that I already own. Putting an outfit together is usually a chore for me, I am thankful for all the helpful blogs that give me ideas!


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