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Thursday, November 6, 2014

~ Good Habit, Bad habit ~

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Rite of Imposition of the Habit

We were blessed to attend the Rite of Imposition of the Habit and Mass at the Carmel.  My son has served a 'Rite of Imposition' at the Carmel once before.  It is an absolutely beautiful ceremony.  The nuns' angelic voices, in chant, can be heard behind the grate.  I wish I could share more photos, but the contemplative Sisters are situated behind the grate...in cloister.

Soon the Sisters will be moving to another location, a traditional monastery, that is in dire need of repair.  You can read a short history about them here, with links for additional information.  We are SO blessed to have them in our diocese.

Perhaps you would like to help the Sisters with the construction work at the Carmel?  View the progress and plans on Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph blogTo the right of the article, you can find out how to donate to the Carmelites if you feel so called.

It was such a joyous occasion, as one of the Sisters received her Holy Habit.

"Hearken, O Lord, Almighty God, unto our prayers and deign to bless this your handmaiden, whom we have clothed in the habit of our Holy Order in Thy Holy Name; and grant that by Thy generosity she may remain faithful in the Church and may merit eternal life.  Per Christum Dominum nostrum.  Amen."


Because you can never have too much chocolate & strawberries

Little Lamb turned a happy ELEVEN.  She asked for this chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and our delectable ganache icing.  We adjusted the cake recipe, yet again, substituting the unsweetened cocoa powder with some (melted) bittersweet chocolate chips.  I didn't have any cocoa powder on hand, lucky us.
And I thought this cake could not get any better.  

This year, instead of our traditional treasure hunt for birthday gifts, we decided to go on a mom & daughter clothes shopping spree...my girl is growing and so she needed a new (simple) wardrobe.  We had a really fun time and (thankfully) found some really cute and modest pieces of clothing.  

I love you, my Little Lammy, you are so smart and wonderful.  You are growing into such a lovely young lady - mommy and daddy are SO very proud of YOU!  XOXO!!!


Who knew?!?
This is not what Little Lamb chose, but I just had to take a pic...it reminded me of the pope's mozzetta.  


Am I the only one that has this problem?  

I can neither find the right color, nor part with the wrong.  (Do I think that one day they will somehow 'work'?)  I look at this and see...a waste (of money).  However, I cannot seem to throw them out, because, that would be...a waste (of money).  I am in a quandary.  I think I'll put them back into my makeup drawer and forget about them...until I stumble across them, again.  My bad habit.

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  1. Best wishes to your daughter. May she be blessed always.

    Regarding your last entry: I can assure you I have no lipsticks.

    God bless you and your family always.

    1. Thank you, Victor. Glad you are not experiencing the lipstick dilemma. :o)


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