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Thursday, May 9, 2013

~ Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ First Holy Communion May 2013

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How can a First Communion Day not be pretty, happy, funny (children always tend to lighten things up) and real (as in the Real Presence)...

Definitely Hand-Made with LOVE...

Pretty Beautiful...yes?  This lovely First Communion Cake was made by one of the First Communicant's sisters.  I just asked that she include the toppers we have used over the past years.  It tasted as heavenly as it looks...


The parents were SUPER happy...Fifteen precious souls.  I hold the First Communion Retreat and Rehearsal the day before; where the day is 'active'.   But I know, from experience, that the day before is always somewhat chaotic.  (Or, it may seem that way).  But on the DAY OF, everyone is "game on"!
It helps to send them all to Confession on the day of the rehearsal.  :oD

We combined the May Crowning with the First Holy Communion Day...I was just a teeny-tiny bit stressed; the logistics were a challenge.  Funny, although we have FIVE Marian statues (and two ladders), everything worked.  It helps to have a son that is meticulous, a pastor that is patient, and a husband that works behind the scenes...

Although, I am currently preparing for Butterfly's Confirmation...

I hope to do a full post on First Holy Communion...because it's just too wonderful not to!

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  1. God bless all who made their First Communion.

    1. And God bless you to, Victor! Have a wonderful day...

  2. What a blessed day! I'm sure it all came together beautifully. Those cake toppers will be heirlooms soon. Yes, theirs are precious, precious souls, that is the best part. Hey, I'm sure Butterfly's confirmation day will be just as special, and you should post about that, too :-)


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