"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Thursday, March 29, 2018

March On...!

Living Lent (and Loving Lent), with two children in college and one child in middle-school, has been a very interesting and a very self-revealing journey.

My motivation is stemming from another place, I am finding a different path to His grace.  I would not say that it is easier, in fact, it feels harder to keep to the traditions of the past.  Silence is always a good start.

"Speak, for your servant is listening."  1 Samuel 3:10

March is a month that is sometimes solemn, not in a grim or dour way, but in a ceremonious way.  March is a month of sincere preparation.  

I love decorating my home for all the seasons and for all the major feast days.  It is a cue to remind me and my family what we should be celebrating, and what we should be focusing on.

This coming Easter will be extra special.  We are celebrating two very important events.  Preparing for the big day is exciting and joyous.

But First...we enter into the Easter Triduum, with whole-hearted faith.
However you may prepare, always remember to Keep Love in Lent.

May your Holy Week be filled with His Love, Mercy and Grace.

~ Valerie

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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >"March On...!" <Loved it!


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