"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well, the Summer came and went...
~ Fall 2011 ~
The Fall, too!
~ Advent 2011 ~
Winter was WONDERFUL...
and now we are in a New Year!

Which reminds me of RESOLUTIONS...
Years ago, while I was on a woman's retreat, one of the priests spoke about Resolutions - and why we need them...our Pastor spoke on Resolutions at this past First Friday Mass...
Here are six resolves St. Elizabeth Ann Seton made (from the Women of Grace E-Newsletter):
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton stands as a model for women today. Wife, mother, widow, founder,religious sister, patron of the death of children, daughter of God, spiritual daughter of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her life, her words, her example, and her desire for God alone, give the women of today a sure and safe path to follow.
Following are six resolves Mother Seton made. As they did for her, they may well lead us, too, to sanctity and holiness of life:
She wrote: “Solemnly in the presence of my Judge, I resolve through his grace

1) to remember my infirmity and my sin

2) to keep the door of my lips

3) to consider the causes of sorrow for sin in myself and in them whose souls are as dear to me as my own

4) to check and restrain all useless words

5) to deny myself and exercise the severity that I know is due to my sin

6) to judge myself – thereby trusting through mercy, that I shall
not be severely judged by my Lord

Perhaps these resolutions might be good ones to make as we begin this new year in Our Lord, 2012.
Resolutions..a very good thing.
Thank you, God, for this New Year!

~ CHRISTmas 2011 ~

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