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Friday, February 3, 2017

My Resolutions, My Gifts

Last Year, 2016, I had an Epiphany to use the New Year to resolve to do better, and make a change for the better.  The Epiphany is when the Magi set out to find the Christ Child...Following the path to Christ.  That's what resolutions ultimately are...

So as I set out this New 2017 Year, I resolve to do my best to search out Christ in everything and everyone and follow Him in every way, bringing Him my gifts.

If I look at Resolutions as Gifts to my Lord, then setting them & keeping them are much more desirable.

 Resolutions are meant to better ourselves, avoiding what is not good for ourselves, for our souls, for our health...the list is endless.

So, I ardently welcome the new year and I am happy to share...

My Gifts:

My Word:     SALUBRIOUS OR HEALTHY  Healthy in body and soul.  Healthy reading, watching, listening, eating, drinking...Everything wholesome and healthful.

My Prayer:  "...Hail Mary, woman of faith, First of the disciples!  Virgin Mother of the Church, help us always to account for the hope that is in us, with trust in human goodness and the Father's love.  Teach us to build up the world beginning from within: in the depths of silence and prayer, in the joy of fraternal love, in the unique fruitfulness of the Cross..."    excerpt from ~ Pope John Paul II's prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes (2004)

My Reading: A dear friend gave me a few spirtitual reading books.  I am so excited to have them in my library and I started one of the books this week.  I will keep the book, Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe, on my nightstand so that I can read a page or paragraph each morning or each night so that it remains on my mind (I know better to keep my resolutions very light and realistic).

My Eating: Cut out sugar and bad stuff.  There. That should do it.

My Cooking: I am going to journal my (healthy) meals here.  I hope to keep a meal plan, grocery list & do weekly shopping on time.  I hope to keep meals simple and most of all...REAL.  Another resolution worthy of repeating and repeating and repeating...
Dinner al fresco

My Family:  My role as mother is constantly changing.  My prayer should help clarify my resolutions as it relates to my family.  Everything I do, I do for My Lord, through serving my family.  I believe an entire post should be dedicated to my resolutions/my family...suffice it to say, my family stays my top priority.

My Promises:  Each day I pray for my dear young ladies that have asked me to be their sponsor for the Sacrament of Confirmation.   I want to keep the spiritual bridge open and I want my spiritual daughters to have something tangible as a remembrance of their promise at Confirmation.

I made the promise to walk with them in their spiritual journey and to help them continue to grow in their Faith.  My role does not end on the day of their Confirmation.  Being a part of their lives, by praying for them each day, helps both our spiritual lives.  I would like to commit to writing to them, sending simple messages and reminders of God's constant graces, especially when those trials and tribulations arise.  If you are a godparent, how are you a part of your godchild's life?  Confirmation Sponsor?  Mentor?

Candlemas February 2nd

My Cleaning:  New Year's always brings out the nesting and cleaning bug in me.  Simplifying, re-organizing, purging, re-decorating...change, change, change!  It is true that I experience this nesting and cleaning bug at different times throughout the year, but the New Year is always a welcomed time for a new change.  I resolve to clean out my emails, my closet, my desk, my cupboards, my...
Yes, I do it every year and I enjoy it!  I love this resolution!

Celebrating: Our Lord wants us to be joyful in Him.  Sometimes it becomes easy to focus on the difficulties of life.  Making it a practice to give thanks first thing in the morning and last thing at night is something I want to continue as my habit.  Additionally, celebrate with simple gestures...fresh flowers, splurge on a special coffee, using the 'good dishes' at an everyday meal, candles at tea time, guilt free nap, an hour of adoration...How do you celebrate the day?  This is a good resolution.


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