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Saturday, May 19, 2012

~ Communions... ~

Speaking of First Holy Communion Anniversaries...Little Lamb celebrates her 1 yr. Anniversary .   And, our parish will be celebrating the new Communicants, 2012, this Sunday...
Today we held the Rehearsal & Confessions for the children in my First Communion Class…

Before Confessions Father led them in prayer in front of the Blessed Virgin Mary Shrine – where, traditionally, pictures of the First Communicants are placed, at her feet, for her intercession:
To Jesus; Through Mary!
Consecration to Our Blessed Mother -

O my Queen, O my Mother,

I give myself to you.

And to show you that I love you,

I offer to you this day

My eyes,  my ears,  my mouth,  my heart.

Therefore, dear Mother,

Since I am your own,

Keep me and guard me.

Help me to love your Son, Jesus, more each day.

I ask her to prepare my heart to receive her Son Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time…

Conductor made these pure white Holy Communion lollipops

10 Boys, 2 girls...or twelve little faithful disciples...

This year I have 12 little dear children in my class.  They have such pure souls; so anxious to receive Him with such FAITH. 
May God bless them all the days of their lives.
I made, or rather, Conductor made these wonderful white chocolate Holy Communion lollipops for them. 

They will also receive a basil (also known as Holy Communion Plant) grow kit…accompanied by an explanation of the aromatic herb and a Blessing prayer.

Ocimum basilicum...has long been associated with the Holy Cross...
Yet another blessed day!

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