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Thursday, January 24, 2013

~ Good Works ~

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The girls have picked up their embroidery hoops again...I am SO delighted!
Hand-Made with Love by Butterfly
Hand-Made with Love by Little Lamb
Little Lamb is so excited and is working non-stop to create pillows & pillowcases for her brother's Altar Boy Fundraiser Events...
they are helping to send the boys to Rome! 
We have another amazing dinner & auction coming up...
Hard-working husband/daddy is now building a deck, he and son work hard to beautify our home...and Popcorn wants in on the action!  She gets her nose right in there!! 

The embroidery fun is taking over our Learning Room table, floor, space...

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  1. Oh my, you just got me very excited! I've been wanting to do this with my girls! Congratulations for the beautiful embroidery and functional and helpful projects! By the way, I love how you arrange your school materials in neat filing folders. God bless your family activities :-)

    1. I love how we can all work and talk at the same time...I hope your girls give embroidering a try!
      Someone was giving away that filing stand - it helps to keep my youngest organized (and me, too!) When she is done with her daily work(sheets) she puts them in the matching slot (which are wide enough to hold her book & folder).

  2. Your embroidery is lovely!


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