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Thursday, June 6, 2013

~ pretty, happy, funny, real ~ Secret Garden & Carnival Edition

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My husband and children have given me my very own 'Secret Garden'

The way the Morning Glory is wrapping its little arm around my candle post is {pretty}, as well as all the blooming lilies.  The lilies were from Easter and were once used to adorn the sanctuary at our church.  Another {pretty}.  There are lots of {pretties} going on inside my 'Secret Garden'...


Another Benefit & FUNdraiser for our Altar Boys Pilgrimage to Rome! 

St. Philip Neri Party and Children's Carnival
St. Neri is the Patron of Rome!

Cherry Tree...pick a blossom to win a lolly pop!

The young children were definitely {happy}.  And the adults were {happy} as they enjoyed a delicious Italian Breakfast
~ Italian Cornetti & Franchesco's Favorite - Argentine Cafe Con Leche ~ 

The children's games & prizes made a lot of littles very {happy}. 

The 'Carnival" included a Fish Cup Game, Duck Pond, Sidewalk Throw, Balloon Pop, Bowling, Ring Toss and much much more...

My favorite was the Cake Walk...but since I was well over the age limit, I sent my youngest to give it a go!  (winner-winner, chicken dinner! - the mint chocolate bark was excellent!)

The nursing mom (with six children) that organized this event is amazing!!!


Part of the Carnival "Big Top Show"...

Our pastor was a good-sport and humbled availed himself to help raise funds for the altar boys pilgrimage to Rome...Our very own St. John Vianney!  He grew his hair and we 'auctioned' off the viewing.  The audience was given a very {funny} treat as his hair was cut by someone that had absolutely no haircutting ability...me!  His only advice was that I didn't cut his ear off!  :o)  (Boy, was I nervous!!!)
I'm happy to report that he looks great and has both ears intact, plus we raised some great funds!   (whew!!!) 

"The Graveyard"
Back to my 'Secret Garden'...
I call this the 'graveyard'.  It's where all those discarded flowers that are not-doing-so-well, are placed.  I, then, nurse them back to health and plant them in the ground where they can (hopefully) thrive. 
I guess it would be appropriate to call this place a 'nursery', but they really look dead (and some are probably dead, with no chance of being revived.
The healthy looking purple calla-lily was very dead distressed looking; now it's ready to join the garden...see above in {pretty}.

More {real}

This hanging flower basket was also very {pretty} at one time. 

But every Spring the robins take their share of nest makings; now it looks so disheveled.  But I'm happy to provide some housing for these brother birds... 
(Maybe this is the reason why I took St. Francis as my Confirmation name over 34 years ago.)

It's also been a challenge keeping these baskets from drying out; I have to water them daily or they noticeably stress out!  I'm thinking of using a more drought resistant plant...although I do love my blooming flowers. 

Oh, yes - We have about three robin's nests with happy little families...
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  1. What a rich sharing of your happy things!

    I'm sure you will get a lot of reading and musing done in your secret garden, thanks to the doting dh and kids! Lilies - they are so pretty and symbolic, aren't they?

    As always, I have your blog to go to for special events ideas (and hairstyle tips?)... congratulations to your parish group, and may the Rome trip be fruitful!

    Oh,Valerie, have I told you that my second-given name is "Frances"?


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