"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Monday, February 17, 2014

~ Moments of Grace ~ * ~ Daybook 2014 No. Two ~

I'm joining hostess Jenny and Ladies over at Plain Grace for some Daybook Sharing...

I am thankful...
+ fun mother/daughter times
I am praying for...
+ Rain; we still need rain!
I am listening to...
+ my husband's paperwork as we work silently together
In the kitchen...
+ coffee brewing
I am wearing...
+ pink pj bottoms & old grey/white speckled sweater & grey socks (update: it was 7am when I began this daybook)
I am creating/working on...
+ cleaning out my inbox and planning for upcoming Youth Retreat.
I have accomplished...
+ organizing for a private screening of the new to be released movie 'Son of God'; hopefully our bishop will attend...
I am going...
+ for my walk as soon as I complete my day book
I am wondering...
+ how I am going to transport 26 youth to the retreat center (2+ hour drive) if the bus plans fall through...I've got to keep the faith!
I am reading...
+ The catechism for my bi-monthly doctrine class - which I love, love, love!
I am hoping...
+ To be more organized with my 'paperwork' - starting TODAY
I am looking forward to...
+ All the fun events with my children that I've planned for this month
I am learning
+ To say 'yes' to God, and 'no' to others (even if the temptation is a 'good work')
Around the house...
+ Paperwork, laundry, dirty dishes in the sink - I am needed :o) and LOVE my 'job'
+ Lots of science experiments to catch up on
A favorite quote for today...
+ A woman is a kind of poem about love, peace, and compassion. These gifts enable her to know, love, and serve God in a generous way, with perseverance and affection. ~ Mother Angelica, P.C.P.A
I am pondering...
+ How can I obtain the qualities I am designed to be, as mentioned in the above quote...Lord, help me to surrender to your Holy Will. 
One of my favorite things...
+ Sunday morning breakfasts with my husband & children.   Today, being a holiday, was just like a Sunday morning breakfast together!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
+ Meal plan for the week/month
+ Finalize the Retreat 'stuff'
+ Clean my desk!!!
A healthy meal today...
+ carrots & hummus.  Eating smaller meals and more often - 5 to be exact.
A healthy activity...
+ Solid walk with my husband & teen daughter this crisp (dry) morning
because of ugly frustrating computer problems, I am unable to share :o(

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  1. Ah, few things are better than the delightful feeling of anticipation that brewing coffee brings... maybe finally sipping the coffee?

    Thank you for sharing the quote from Mother Angelica. I am reminded that we should take note of and be thankful for the distinctly feminine qualities that God gave us, and to use them to uplift our family and community.

    And, girl, I have to admire you for all the work that you do for your parish and community! You give real meaning to the adage that says that we cannot go to Heaven alone!

    Prayers for blessings and graces for all your activities!

  2. Sipping the coffee...ahhh. Delight!

    With, through and for God - all things are possible. Although, I am so, so, so ready to say "NO". But not my will...

    Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers, Marcia!
    God's grace to your days...

  3. I agree with you - I am praying for rain as well! Amazing how half our country is in a drought and the other half under storm after storm.

    1. Yes; it's just like the seven fat cows and seven starving cows in Pharoah's dream...this could be a nightmare for us.

  4. It hasn't stopped raining in the UK for ages. Plenty of floods and great damage to homes, businesses and the economy.

    I wonder if the film "Son of God" will be in the UK.

    God bless.

    1. Sorry about all the rain damage. You are drowning, we are parched.
      I'd cry but I'm rationing all my fluids.

    2. Yes, I do hope you have the Son of God, as well! Let me know, I would be curious...
      God bless, Victor.

    3. It looks like a great film. I understand it is part of "The Bible" which was shown on UK TV last year. I have a copy of "The Bible" on DVD. Was it aired on US TV?

      God bless.

    4. I believe it was shown on the History Channel, it was made as a television miniseries. I have not yet seen it. I think I will view it through Netflix, but probably not before the Son of God film.

  5. Praying for rain here.
    Coffee is part of survival for me.
    Your week sounds lovely.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Em. God Bless...

  6. I loved the quote and ensuing ponderings.


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