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Friday, February 14, 2014

~ Back-Blogged: February ~

Once again, a lot of noteworthy events taking place...but not a lot of time to cyber-journal. 
Linking up to Like Mother, Like Daughter to share some pretty, funny, happy, & real times...
or soon to be...pretty.  Science can be {pretty} fun!
Little Lamb's AHG group put on a 50's Swing Dance for the Families.
Dance instruction preceded the evening...which was, of course, spent dancing the night away! 
Everyone was {happy}
Conductor dancing with his little sis.  Sweet.
The older girls ~Pioneers & Patriots~ worked on achieving their 'cake badges' with this amazing 4-tier cake creation.  Creative.
It was a {fun} evening that turned {funny} as the Hand-Maid Household won 'Best Dressed Family'
This is the look we were going for (?) sort of...
but this is was the final product...
Let's swing!
Black & White with Pink accents
I was able to find black skirts & faux leather jackets (on clearance for $11)
and pink tennis shoes, too!  Using white felt to create a quick and easy poodle skirt.
Tying all our ensembles together with some black & white polka dot ribbon.  Easy.
Little Lamb has been enjoying the AHG meetings and events.
We are a very patriotic family...
...so this was a very proud moment for Little Lamb.
She has been working on achieving the 'Our Flag' badge.
The Explorers did such a fantastic job leading us all in song;
while the flag was displayed in front of such a dramatic backdrop.
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  1. What wonderful photos recording a rather busy and fun month. Thank you Hand-Maid for sharing them with us.

    To be honest, I am no good at dancing. My big feet trip everyone else down. And if I stand on tip-toe (like in ballet) my head hits the ceiling and brings the tiles down.

    God bless.

    1. Ha-ha. You must be very tall. Tip: Do not stand on your tip-toes while dancing.

      Thank you for visiting, Victor...you always manage to bring a smile to share. God bless!


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