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Sunday, November 3, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} : Sweet Saints Edition

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She arranges them just so...pretty.
I save boxes and containers, just in case

So I was {happy} to find a good use for these empty gelato containers (that have been taking up space in my pantry closet). 

Thanks to Jennifer at Catholic Inspired for the idea, the labels and, of course, the inspiration!

Each Jar named a saint...and the contents had saint themed goodies inside.  Check our her ideas, and get her label printouts, here.

Thank you, Jennifer for sharing this wonderful idea!


As our homeschool groups new First Friday Mass Coordinator, I organized an Ice Cream Social, which took place right after the Mass.  Fun.  We also made "saints" for the All Saints Party.  The children traced each other, and then painted in a saint.  This was Little Lambs contribution...

Everyone had fun making their saint...there were some really talented artists!

They will be added to all the previously painted saints.


Working on schoolwork, activities, organizing clubs, events...my desk is a perpetual mess.
I actually have layers of stuff...sometimes things (my ipad) teetering on top of books and things.  Thank goodness for little helpers...

She's ready to help..."as an American Heritage Girl, I promise to be: 
Compassionate, Helpful, Honest,
Loyal, Perseverant, Pure,
Resourceful, Respectful, Responsible, and Reverent."  ~ The AHG creed

Go to Like Mother, Like Daughter to find more contentment...
and don't forget to

Visit Equipping Catholic Families to find more saintly activities!


  1. I have one of those gelato containers right here on my sewing shelf - they are very nicely shaped for storing things.

    1. They are nice containers, aren't they. I might have to buy some more gelato!

  2. Oh my, a post so full of ideas! Thank you!

    I can stare at Butterfly's collections the whole day. What can I say, my daughters collect Tech-decks (sp?) and dragon figures! I can see that Butterfly has two statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe in her collection. Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego have a most beautiful story...

    Thank you to you and Jennifer for the saint counting jars. Perfect, too, for the feast days of the children's patron saints.

    Your American Heritage Girl will be armed with such wonderful virtues as she grows; her mom got her on the right track!

    I'm thinking of adapting your draw-a-saint for Christmas. My nephews and nieces can get unwieldy during our Christmas family reunions, and this is a great idea. I will assign the characters of the Christmas pageant to them, and we can have some read-alouds and singing after.

    Finally, yes, those useful thingamajigs can be so very useful to homeschooling families. My favorite is the three-hole puncher :-)

    God bless...

  3. Hello, Marcia! Thank you for your wonderful comments - full of great ideas! Using Jennifer's jars for the feast of the children's patron saint is another fantastic idea! Fun and quick! And the draw-a-saint for your family reunion activity, this is perfect!
    Have a blessed day!


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