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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

~ Thanksgiving Feast & Recipe Links ~

This is a re-post of my new favorite Thanksgiving Recipes:

~ The Thankful Feast ~

We had my husband's extended family, my family and some of our friends from our church for dinner.  Our home was full!  :o)  Nice!!
I cooked for my little family of five.  So I had the luxury of snapping photos; no worries about time constraints and walking around in my pj's all day.  :o)  Nice!!
My husband and I try different recipes for our Thanksgiving Turkey.
Traditionally, we always cook a turkey, but we don't use the same recipe every year.
We may tweak some, but I can't remember ever cooking a turkey using the same recipe twice...not in the 22 years that we have been married.
We came up with the idea of using bacon as a self-baster.  We covered the skin of the turkey with bacon; skewering the bacon to the entire outside of the turkey.  Don't laugh.  It was delicious (but fattening).
I took on A Challenge of making one thing useful/beautiful in the Master Bedroom, and just last week I decided to take a NEW CHALLENGE...to try this new recipe and change my turkey-baking-ways.  I took Stephanie (over at Sweet Boutique), up on her challenge...and then some...I tried (basically) her entire Fabulous Menu.

Words cannot describe and my pictures do not do it justice...
But, Hands down, this was the all time favorite and BEST tasting bird (and Thanksgiving Dinner) in our family history.

I think we have found our tradition.  :o)

I have posted (3 sub-posts) on each of the dishes that I tried, so as not to have such a terribly long post...Here is the Menu:  (click on dish to find pictured posts)

~ Roasted Turkey ~

~ Apple Pie ~

~ Egg Nog & Hot Apple Cider ~

The calm, after the storm
My table decorations were very simple this year.  I used fresh Cuties California Mandarins surrounding a 3-wick candle (which I actually removed to make way for all the food) and placed it on the Lazy Susan.  My topaz harvest linen with burgundy napkins.  Super simple.


  1. Somehow, this post makes me very hungry. Sadly we don't have Thanksgiving in the UK. Traditionally, turkeys are eaten on Christmas day over here. And as always, the whole family meets in one house. Great!

    God bless you and your family.

    1. I'm not sure why I don't make turkey more often, once a year seems too sparse. Maybe it keeps the entree special; maybe because there is a lot of hoopla attached to it...and that should not be the commonplace?
      But turkey leftovers are delicious! Maybe, turkey twice a year.

  2. before you settle on the same turkey next year, you should try a smoked turkey from Roundman's Smokehouse in Fort Bragg, CA. They'll send it through the mail to you. MUCH the best turkey we've ever eaten!

    1. Thank you for your recommendation, Anna. We are always willing to try good food. lol. We have not cooked a turkey, yet, this year, we had Thanksgiving over my in-laws.
      I'm going to look into Roundman's Smokehouse...thanks again!


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