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Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Birthday flowers for my Fifteen year old...my Butterfly!  She is a gentle and sweet girl.  Correction:  She is a young lady with a gentle heart and sweet soul.  I love you, sweetie!  xoxoxo, mom

My Butterfly celebrated her FIFTEENTH Birthday this month...It was another birthday extravaganza.  On her actual birthday, we celebrated with just our familia.  But on Sunday, we had her teen friends over for lunch and then a movie...

Super moist Chocolate Cake with fresh raspberries and a Dark Chocolate Ganache
The recipe for the cake can be found here.  It can be used for a Fourth of July Celebration.  Or, leave the red, white and blue decorations off, for a simply impressive 'plain' Chocolate Cake. 

Then again, you can add some fresh berries to give it an interesting look and exciting texture.  Either way, this cake is amazing.


Little Lamb:  (teasingly) Mom, I'm going to raise Catholic Chickens!

Me:  Huh!???!  (turning, abruptly, to face her)

Little Lamb:  (as she spreads out the 'Catholic' News Paper)  
Ya!  See; So they can read Catholic material.  :o)  Tee-hee

And they actually looked as if they were reading the paper!!!
It was hilarious!


'Sisters' inspired by White Christmas 

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  1. I completely laughed out loud at the chickens story. Too funny!

    And that cake looks DELICIOUS. Simply delicious. I hope it tasted as good as it looked!

    1. Those chickens were climbing over themselves and stretching their necks to get a view of the paper...weird funny.

      The cake was awesome! Thanks for visiting...

  2. Many Happy Returns to your Daughter.

    Another "make me hungry" post. Thanx for the great photos and recipe.

    God bless you all.

    1. Zero calories for looking, Victor.

      Thank you for the Happy wishes...she's delighted!

      God bless.

  3. I love the cake! I thought when I saw your pic on the link-up, that you were a little early for Memorial Day...but WOW Captain America! OF COURSE!! God Bless

    1. Memorial Day! How perfect. I was looking for another occasion to make this cake, and July 4th is just too far away...but Memorial Day is right around the corner. :o)


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