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Saturday, October 11, 2014

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The crew looked {pretty} & handsome as they attended a movie premiere gala event.  Our friends' daughter produced, directed & filmed a movie that included several children in our home school & church friend circles.  
It was a super fun afternoon.  Cast members (siblings & parents, too) brought snacks, desserts, drinks to watch the completed film.  The families enjoyed watching the youth laugh and enjoy themselves.  
Movie Premiere
The Event included:  The Walk of Fame; Special Movie Premiere; Luncheon with the Stars. 
All the cast dressed to the occasion.
Everyone enjoyed the afternoon.  Good wholesome fun and entertainment.  
Rated G for GREAT! 


AHG & Trail Life have been bringing many {happy} events and memories.
A lot of badges and service hours have been accomplished through meetings, camping trips and home activities.  Little Lamb even took the initiative to personalize her new tote bag that each girl received to hold their AHG book & projects.  She embroidered the American Heritage Girls initials onto her bag.
American Heritage Girls

Conductor has turned SEVENTEEN.  Wow.  TEMPUS FUGIT.  
He requested his favorite side dish with bacon, and this fruit torte.  
Happy 17th!!!!!!!!!

We are so proud of you, son, and 


Fresh eggs
After a good wash, I lined up the eggs in a safe spot so they would not roll away...I love having fresh eggs every morning.  Love it.

We attended the 2nd Annual Blue Mass at our Cathedral to honor our police, fire fighters and first responders. 
Blue Mass

Eighty years ago, the first Blue Mass took place in  Washington, D.C. at St. Patrick's Church.  Since 1934, the Church has been asking for special blessings for those that work in public safety, protecting and caring for our communities; and to pray for those who have given their lives.
We take time to honor those that gave their lives in the line of duty.  This particular Mass was special in that a family friend, a police officer, was killed in January of this year.  Our bishop mentioned his name during the intentions.
Credit:  SFgate
Funeral Mass of Detective Sergeant T.S.
Bishop Barber celebrated the Mass along with ten chaplains, and three deacons; The mayor, 3 chaplains from the Episcopal church and two from the Baptist church were also in attendance and praying together with the law enforcement officers, firefighters and other first responders.

We pray for those living, especially my brother.  

Please offer up a quick pray for all those that serve and protect us.   

St. Michael, Patron Saint of  Law Enforcement Officers
St. Florian, Patron Saint of Firefighters

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  1. Many Happy Returns and best wishes to your son ... and to you and your whole family too.

    May God bless you all always.


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