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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let it snow, Snow, SNOW!

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Our AHG Explorers group had planned a SNOW TRIP many months ago.  We have been experiencing a drought, with very little snow in the mountains this Winter...

So we prayed.  

When we drove up to Tahoe on Friday...it was beautiful.  But, there was NO SNOW.  We had packed our snow bibs, gloves, snow boots and HOPES of tobogganing.

Living in California, is living in the desert.  But living through a very long dry spell, is serious business.  
After several years of drought, we are parched.  PARCHED. 
So, any sign of precipitation is reason to jump for joy and thanksgiving!!!

The soft flakes from heaven were oh so pretty!

The girls were squealing and dancing and laughing in the falling flakes...


Just as we unpacked our last bag...it began to snow.  And snow....and snow.
Records say it was 10 inches.  It certainly was at least 7 inches.  And most definitely it was enough snow to play and toboggan and build a snow castle. 

We had no snow, but we had hope...


A lot of snow, snow, snow...a lot of fun, fun, fun!


Organizing my pantry:  What began as a small project...turned into a complete overhaul.  I worked on simplifying my storage system, rearranging the existing storage space to have more functionality, eliminating waste, and most importantly...cleanliness!
This "shoe rack" makes PERFECT shelves, for my pantry.  The shelves are set at the perfect height for canned goods, paper products, boxed goods.  It fit in my pantry's dead space PERFECTLY!  I had purchased a similar shoe rack for my family room.  Once the rack was assembled, I knew the shelves would fit nicely in my pantry...and sure enough, they worked.

I found that my empty glass milk bottles are perfect for storing and pouring flour, sugar, popcorn, etc...

I love using baskets, containers, and various jars to store my spices or any opened containers or packages (pasta, legumes, rice, nuts, chocolate chips...).

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  1. I'm *snow* happy for you!! :-)
    I wish I could truck some of our snow over to you! This morning I'm actually seeing small patches of ground. I haven't seen that in awhile! I'll be even happier when that super thick ice coating on our driveway is gone!
    Your pantry looks wonderful, BTW!
    Enjoy the snow! God Bless.

    1. Thank you and I would love to have some of your snow dumped on our yard! :o)
      It was 74 degrees today and will reach 79 by this weekend! I would love to send you some of our sunshine to melt the ice on your driveway...oh well.
      God bless.

  2. Glad you got the snow you'd hoped for. Snow is so lovely if it were not that cold. We didn't have much snow in the UK this year.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you...snow is such a novelty here.
      God bless.


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