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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sutter's Fort & Pioneers

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for some pretty, happy, funny and real family fun!

We have just completed two badges for American Heritage Girls:

The Cooking Badge (for another post) and an Our Heritage Badge through Sutter's Fort.

Sutter's Fort State Historic Park is located in Sacramento.  The girls (and parents) had fun learning about life as a pioneer in the 1800s.  It was a very fun and educational day, as we love to learn about our California history.

Everyone dressed the part...well, almost everyone.  I bailed out on my pioneer-wear at the very last minute.  Not that I did not want to participate, I just looked, well,...all wrong.  :o)  I felt like a party pooper, but it was much less uncomfortable for me.  :oP

There was about 70 girls from AHG joining us.  Our troop was one of four AHG troops.  It was fun to spend the morning with troop friends and to meet new friends!


Games of pioneer-times

The Kitchen station, I thought, was the most interesting.  Although, all five stations were excellent!
The pretty ornate block is actually tea that would last for years and years and years!

Mother/Daughter lunch & shops at Old Town Sacramento, O'Sacramento St. Patrick's Parade & Old Schoolhouse

The above picture was not taken at Sutter's Fort, but at Old Town Sacramento (another national historic landmark).  I had forgotten about the O'Sacramento St. Patrick's Parade, while thinking I could treat my Little Lamb to a fun and historic lunch.  It was the perfect afternoon.
We visited the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum - very nice!  The ladies were excited to see her dressed in her pioneer costume (thinking she was a participant in the parade).
And I (almost) never leave without visiting my favorite chocolate store for a treat of a caramel apple.  The absolute best!

I love the School Curriculum and  The Five Virtures

The Doll in glass case is the original doll belonging to Patty Reed
While browsing through Sutter's Fort Trade Store, I purchased the book Patty Reed's Doll - The Story of the Donner Party.  A group of pioneers were stranded by very heavy snow in the winter of 1846 while traveling from Illinois to California...many perished, an eight year old girl, Patty, survived.  The story is told/seen through the eyes of Patty's doll and the hardship and struggles they endured.  Little Lamb and I will read the book together and discuss the other historic and mortal dangers that occurred.  Real.

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