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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weekly Weekday Wardrobe

Taking the wonder out of my mornings...

Here is a blueprint for my weekday wardrobe...






For me, it takes a lot of effort to dress in the mornings.  It is just way too easy to put on my sweats, or worse, to stay in my pj's.  I find that I am more productive when I dress for the day.  However, spending time wondering what I should wear is one of my (many) downfalls.  I just cannot choose something and go...I find it all very time consuming and sometimes exhausting.  Picking out clothes is something I (almost) dread.

Comfort is a must.  Modesty and appropriateness are also a priority.
I have the worst time with shoe...If I am home, I do not wear them.  (That is probably why my shoes last forever).  Socks, flip flops or sandals are ok.  For some reason, I do not like flats.  I would rather wear something with a low heel, or go barefoot.

I am hoping this weekly wardrobe will help me to take the wonder out of what I will wear.  Many of the 'fashion' blogs I follow have been a tremendous help for me.  Hopefully, someone will find this helpful, too.

Clothing, like food, is something we all have to manage on a daily basis.
Ladies (and gentlemen), we should all dress with dignity and thought.
Why?  Because even from the beginning of time...we were thoughtfully clothed.
"And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife, garments of skin, 
and clothed them.  ~ Genesis 3:7, 21

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