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Thursday, March 3, 2016

pretty, happy, funny, real: Happy Feet, Take Two

I did it.  I splurged on some shoes that will (hopefully) bring my feet many hours of comfort.  I wish my health insurance would cover the cost of good, quality shoes.  :o)

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Flats are not my favorite shoe to wear; something about the lack of support and foot pain keeps me from purchasing these types of shoes.  It does not make sense that shoes without some heel would cause me pain...but they do.  The only flat pair that I enjoy wearing are my 'monkey shoes', but they do not go well with most of my wardrobe.  As you can see...

I wanted something that I could wear with my skirts or jeans.  Something besides my boots, tennis shoes or heels.  The warmer weather is approaching, and I needed a pair of casual closed-toed shoes, besides my sandals or flip flops...

{pretty} & {happy}

I chose the safe neutral color.  It is a warm brown color, or chestnut.
Although, it would seem that the trademark rubber blue soles would clash with a lot of my outfits...but who cares.

The box, pretty flower and personal note are not lost on my senses.
And, the leather is oh.so.soft.


I will never wear stilettos...I believe 'stilet' means dagger or blade (painfully on the toes)  stilet-toes.  daggar-toes.  pain-toes.  aha.
These ballet flats do have some arch support and cushioning, which is what I do not find in most flats.  We will see if these cute shoes will provide the support my heel bone needs to prevent foot (or back) pain.  So far, I like them.

Besides, I can always fall back on my monkey shoes.

Over three and one half years old and going strong!

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  1. I have the same opinion of flats. I actually think "ballet flats" is not a good term, marketing-wise because with strict regimen ballerinas go through, I bet their feet ache all the time! But your new flats do look sensibly designed, so go for them! Go for BOTH pairs, actually -- the monkey shoes definitely has form following function :-)

    P.S. I love your TOTUS TUUS sign.

    1. You are so right, a ballerina's regimen is brutal; you would think the association would have negative results on sales. Good point...er, pointe. ;o)


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