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Sunday, December 8, 2013

~ St. Nicholas ~

As our Homeschool Group's First Friday Mass Coordinator, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas, who is the patron saint of children, with a festive flare.

So I visited this website and came up with some fun activities to help celebrate the occasion.

Some of the activities included:

St. Nicholas Coin Toss
Chocolate St. Nicholas craft
Nutter Butter St. Nicholas Cookie Decorating
St. Nicholas Guessing Game (adapted from Catholic Inspired)
Apple St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas roll-up
Coloring Table of St. Nicholas, St. Lucia & Our Lady of Guadalupe
St. Nicholas Story Time

St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, carried a crozier to be a shepherd for his people.
Guess how many candy-cane “croziers’ are in the jar?
A hooked staff carried by a bishop; represents a shepherd's staff as the bishop is to be the shepherd of the people, as Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Again, a crozier is a general symbol for bishops, but unique to Nicholas among gift-givers.

~ +~+~+~

Life saver
for children
St. Nicholas, is a “Life saver”; he saved 3 children from the wicked inn keeper.
Guess how many “life savers’ are in the jar?

Show Nicholas as the protector of children, from the story rescuing young children or students from the evil butcher or innkeeper. Usually three children are in the tub, but sometimes only two are present.

~ +~+~+~

when sailors were in a ‘crunch’, as the angry seas tossed their ship about for 2 days; good st. Nicholas prayed, bringing them safely to the harbor of myra.

Guess how many “crunches” are in the jar?
~ +~+~+~

quick fact:  another st. Nicholas, st. Nicholas of tolentino, is know as a patron saint of animals. A studious, kind and gentle youth, at the age of 16 Nicholas became an Augustinian Friar.
Guess how many “animal cracker cookies” are in the jar?

~ +~+~+~

the fish in the sea swam in the angry seas that tossed the sailors about, before st. Nicholas brought the boat to safety.
Guess how many “swedish fish” are in the jar?
~ +~+~+~

st. Nicholas gave of his own ‘coins’ to help 3 young maidens pay for their dowry, sparing their lives from slavery.

Guess how many “coins” are in the jar?
~ +~+~+~

Advent is a time to reflect on the lord's coming.
December holds many opportunities to learn about him,
to know him,
through his saints and through his mother.
~ advent ~
Preparing our souls to receive Christ worthily.

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  1. What a beautiful post full of fun activities and colourful pictures. You have a lot of patience and skill. I bet the children at your church enjoyed all the activities and games.

    I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Advent.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Victor. I believe a fun time was had by all. A bit messy, but we managed to clean up and put the parish hall back together again.
      Everyone pitched in, making it doable...we will have to do the same next year, God willing.
      I hope your Advent is a peaceful one.


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