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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

~ Westward leading, still proceeding ~

And so, the ADVENTures of the Wise Men continue...

Conferring with the kings & queens of different lands...
While the kings & queens exchange pleasantries,
the camel is weary and confides in the horse
We are looking for thy perfect Light...have you seen Him?
Day Four is spent on higher ground, making it easier to survey the land and seas...

Onward they travel...
Little do they know the potential danger of where they now stand.  Thankfully they are on their way before the "towers" catch fire!

The camelus dromedaries is found eating holly...they are famished.  Drom, as the camel is now called, is having a rough go...but he valiantly pushed forward.  As do the three wise men.

Wonder!  Is this the Mediterranean Sea?  Or the Sea of Galilee?  Or could it be...the Dead Sea?  Dun-dun-Duuuun!!!!

Stay tuned for more ADVENTures as the Wise Men search for the Truth...

Joining Jennifer over at Catholic Inspired for the FUN AND FABULOUS



  1. I love the idea of conferring with the kings and queens on the chessboard! Very clever!

  2. I'm loving this story of their journey. I wish we had known of this tradition of having the wise men journeying throughout the house when our boys were young.

    1. Hi Anna. My children are having almost as much fun as I'm having...

      In our past home, we would move our large statues closer to the nativity until the Epiphany. I first learned this from my pastor, who had the magi on one of the side altars, where the nativity was set on the opposite side altar...growing up, I never did anything like this. Glad to have this new tradition to really mark the holy days.

  3. Oh my, I am enjoying these ADVENTures! If you decide to turn your story to a picture book, do let me know!

    1. I will provide the pictures and you can provide the story...how's that?!

      Hope your Advent is a peaceful and holy one, Marcia!

  4. Oh, the camel and the horse are too cute!! Love the "Sea", too!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this fun-tastic tradition, Jennifer!
      Your blog has definitely been an inspiration to us...
      God bless you and yours.


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