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Sunday, February 24, 2013

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I saw these {pretty} Station of the Cross Candles over at JOYfilled Family...
I thought they would be perfect to use for our Lenten Devotions; and since I had some {pretty} votive candles left over from our
CANDELORA Dinner, I decided to set Little Lamb to play work...
I assured Little Lamb that they would dry clear...
I placed them on mirrors...which really gives them a {pretty] amazing illumination,
adding to our LIVING LENT, LOVING LENT experience.
This was one {happy} little girl!!
The Symphony can do that to a person, you know!?
We went with a group of our Home School friends...that can, also, make one {happy}.
A great time was had by all!

Upon first glance, this looks like just a sweet little pup, legs crossed real "lady-like" peacefully at rest...
But with closer observation,
sharp, pointy teeth.  This is not a smile.

you will see that disturbing her or disturbing what she has in the clutches of her teeth, would not be wise! 
Not {funny}.
Instructions before the Holy Mass
This is {real}.  Conductor has loved to serve the Mass ever since he could walk...and officially when he was about 7 years old.  He loves to teach other boys to serve with reverence and attentiveness.   It comes from his heart.  It is {real}.
He serves both at our parish and as an Episcopal Server...
Serving the Archbishop at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass during Lent
Praying that you are finding peace and love...this Lent.
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  1. Oh wow that's a wonderful idea! I may have to borrow it.....if I do I'll post it on my blog. I've been looking for something to emphasize stations of the cross and integrate what we already have.....still ruminating!

  2. It was very simple and took all about 30 min (cut out, clean up and all). All that was needed was votives, Mod Podge and scissors; I printed the stations out from this link:
    BUT you could use any...actually, I have some beautiful color stickers that I didn't think to use, until just now!


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