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Friday, February 8, 2013

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Such a pretty sunset evening for our Altar Server C A N D E L O R A
Dinner Fundraiser Event...on, of course, Candelmas.
(Which deserves a post of its own.)

Through all the preparations and busyness for the Dinner, the girls were keeping up with their embroidering - pretty, too.
{ happy}
Happy to report our deck is complete...and it provides much happiness and peace, set amongst our young olive trees. 
Popcorn is at it again...doing what she loves best!  Funny, until she threw up dirt.  (yuck!)
Compiling the decor for C A N D E L O R A ...
my dining room was out of commission for some time!
Just getting back to our regular routine!!
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  1. Your girls are really getting on with their embroidery. How I admire that perseverance! And that deck -- I can imagine how many books are going to be read there! God bless everyone...

    1. Butterfly is already using this spot for her book reading...I need to join her!


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