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Thursday, October 10, 2013

~ Priesthood Sunday 2013 ~

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~ Second Wednesday of the Month ~
The month of October has been set aside to acknowledge our priests and the priestly ministry.  Although we pray for our priests daily, Priesthood Sunday is a special day in which we can celebrate, honor and show appreciation for all they do...


Last year, I created a tri-fold that included pictures of our parish priests and a clipboard with a Spiritual Bouquet to gather signatures and pledges. 

We then had a simple potluck after Mass with a cake to show our love and appreciation of our priests.

The life of a priest is busy, demanding and I'm sure, at times, challenging.  But the life of a priest is always essential.  A priest's ministry is so expansive.  Much more than preaching or praying, offering the Sacraments and even preparing us for the sacraments.  They comfort the grieving, counsel all those in need, and bring back those lost sheep - they are shepherds over their flock.
A priest's life is given over entirely to serving the Church and her people - all people.

I have heard it said that in order to understand the life of a priest, you have to have faith in Christ. 

This October 27th, 2013, is our next National Priesthood Sunday.  You don't have to throw an elaborate party...they most likely wouldn't want that. 
But don't forget to thank your priest; give them a Spiritual Bouquet, a thoughtful card, a hug.

They will appreciate your kind gesture.  They need our prayers.

You can go here for more ideas about celebrating PRIESTHOOD SUNDAY in your parish.

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