"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Saturday, October 26, 2013

~ October Saint ~

There are a lot of wonderful saints that we celebrate during the month of October.

I have been trying to learn more about the *less-known* saints...that is, not know to me.


One such saint is St. Maria Soledad.  Her full name is actually:


Why did I choose her?  Well, I didn't.  My daughter, who I call *Little Lamb* (here on my blog journal), chose to dress up as Saint Maria Soledad for an AHG Explorers party &/or our homeschool groups All Saints Party. 

St. Maria Soledad was the Foundress of the Congregation of Sisters Sevants of Mary, Ministers of the Sick.  She was born in Madrid, Spain in 1851.  St. Maria did everything for His greater glory and relied on His help, entirely.  She was canonized, *recently*, on January 25, 1970, by Pope Paul VI.  I was just 7 years old!  St. Maria Soledad's feast day is October 11th.


Speaking of AHG...Little Lamb recently joined this girls club.  After about 7 years of running a Little Flowers (& Blue Knights) group, I hosted a Rosebuds Girls Club for another 3 years.
Finally, last year, we attended Oakrose Girls Club.  Sadly, this year we cannot make the meeting times. 
Now, Little Lamb is an Explorer, and she loves it! This makes me happy!
A mother is happy, when her children are happy.  Having other people organize and plan also makes me happy appreciative and grateful!


And...speaking of groups, I decided to accept the nomination of First Friday Mass Coordinator for our Homeschool group.  Years ago I was our group's Membership Chair...after a couple (three?) years I thought that I should step aside and let someone else deal with it share the fun.         

{real:  Burnt muffins...even pretty paper cups and stacking them nicely could not save them...terrible shame}

These days, I have a little more time since, this year, I am not teaching the First Holy Communion class.
And this First Friday Mass Coordinator position is something that me and my children can *share*, since my son serves as acolyte, and I schedule the sacristans; and my daughters sing in the choir; but mostly because we already attend the Mass and participate in the beautiful devotions.  I can do this one small thing.  Our homeschool group is important to me...to us!
And attending First Friday Mass, at our parish, is a priority. 

{real:  Ground squirrels or gophers are destroying our landscape...my westie has been trying to dig them out, making more of a mess...oh, what fun. I am pulling my hair out}

{real:  meanwhile...}

And so as not to leave on a down note:
I continue to count my blessings and am thankful for all, even my small crosses.

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  1. Beautiful photo of your daughter. I wonder if you might have a comment for me on my post about novenas and saints - I'm looking for input.


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