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Thursday, March 21, 2013

~ Oakrose Girls Club ~ March 2013

Sadly, we have not made all the girls club meetings this year, as I could not commit to hosting the Rosebuds Girls Club any longer.  However, Butterfly was able to give another talk to the younger girls at the new Oakrose Girls Club!   This month, the talk was on the virtue Generosity and a Catechism lesson on the subject of the 4th Commandment and Obedience to parents.

As always...we start out with a social gathering...This month we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

"GENEROSITY helps us to give of ourselves, and the things we have, to others who are in need.  It is acting unselfishly and cheerfully for the good of another.  A generous person thinks more of someone else's needs than his or her own.  Generosity is being concerned for others, even those you do not know.  It will ultimately lead to a love for all mankind and help establish peace in the world."

 Little Lamb used the overcast stitch, while Butterfly used the invisible stitch.

Little Lamb wanted to make sure she wore some green...see it? (mostly pink with a spot of green).

We continue to be thankful for the mothers & daughters of this group; for the many opportunities to learn leadership skills and form Christian Virtues...Creating Friendships and Sodality. 
And a HUGE THANK YOU to our coordinators and hostess!!
Butterfly's hand-made with love...pillows

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