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Saturday, March 2, 2013

~ Go Green ~

We bought this mulcher a year or more ago.  Butterfly assembled it, but it was missing a bolt...so it sat for some time before we ordered/bought the missing piece.

We have a lot of wild animals where we live...so we needed something secure.  And I liked the ease and cleanliness of the process.

Now that it is fully assembled, the children are making some great top soil!

Our fruit trees are starting to blossom...

the newly planted fruit trees have taken root - whew!

our garden boxes are looking promising...

The mint has come back...some weeding is needed.  Always.

The olive grove is coming along nicely...

the agapanthus are blooming...they are so reliable.
At our previous home, the larger variety would house a lot of snails that would come out during the night and eat all my annuals...I used to consider agapanthus snail factories! 
Thankfully, I don't have that problem here.

We are loving our garden and going green!


  1. We have the same composted! Sadly, I do not seem to have much of a green thumb but I keep trying.
    Your photos are beautiful

    1. I have a light green thumb...just depends. Thankfully I have the help of my family.
      How do you like your compost maker? Ours seems to work fine, so far.


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