"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

~ Cappella Sistina ~

Soon all eyes will be looking towards the little chimney...

Who will the Holy Spirit call to lead the Church?

I'm recalling standing here with my husband and children, thinking about whose footsteps have crossed these floors and whose eyes have gazed upward towards the magnificent masterpiece of Michelangelo...and yes; this IS where the conclave takes place.  This is where the pope is elected.  This is the place.
We will certainly be praying...having total faith in our Lord's greater plan.  No need to fret; right?  Right.  The Holy Spirit is in charge. 

And so we continue to pray...

Pro Papa!

O God, eternal shepherd,
who govern your flock with unfailing care,
grant in Your boundless Fatherly love
a Pastor for your Church
who will please you by his holiness
and to us show watchful care.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.
As we were working on our little wooden cardinal craft, I was wondering whose pictures we should choose to use...since we don't have enough wooden pins & pegs for all the cardinals.  We decided to do all of the United States cardinals, because then we could continue to pray for them (as we sure can use the prayers here in the U.S). 
As we were looking up several of the cardinals I made a comment about wanting to pick the "good" ones (therefore implying the other exists).  I immediately commented that we should probably pray for the "not so good" ones too, and maybe more so...here was Little Lambs response:

Little Lamb:  "Mom,  God did not come down to save the healthy sheep; He came down to heal the sick sheep..."  Explaining her comment further:  "It's a combination of what I've heard."

With excitement & hope...we wait.

UPDATE:  Adding these two fun and educational links:

For an update on the election of the pope via e-mail or text  Pope alarm

For an illustrated guide to the Conclave - excellent!


  1. I am going to print that prayer out and say it as I watch the chimney for the next few days. My children and I just saw the first smoke of the Conclave- black. Of course, but it won't be too long before it is white. We are all so excited to be able to pray for and watch and feel like a tiny little a part of the process, as I am sure you are.

    BTW- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your adorable peg saints!

    God Bless, Kari

    1. Thank you, Kari! Have you seen the Pope Alarm?
      Here is an illustrated guide to the Conclave process - just read it with my children. You will LOVE it:

  2. All went well with the Papal Conclave because of the admirable devotion of families like yours. Yes, let us together pray for Pope Francis, and enjoin our kids to be updated on his messages for the faithful. Have a good rest-of-the-week :-)

    1. Dear Marcia! What an exciting and joyful time it is for our families...we are indeed united in prayer! Our Universal Church brings us all together from one end of the earth to the other. God Bless and Viva il Papa!


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