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Friday, March 22, 2013

~ Preparing for the Easter Triduum ~

Palm Sunday is THIS Sunday...

At our parish, all the statues, art, and crucifixes are covered in purple cloth.  It's a sobering atmosphere.

At our home, we have slowed down on all the extra outings and have tried to take in what is about to happen during the Easter Triduum.  It's been an exciting and joyful week with the election of our new pope...Pope Francis, and then the feast days of St. Patrick & St. Joseph.

My First Communion Class/children have received their Sacrament of Confession...Reminding me that it's a good time to do a deeper Examination of Conscience.
Candles waiting to be lit...

Candles lit from flame of last years Paschal Candle,
after each child makes their First Confession

I love all the traditions within the days of Holy Thursday and Good Friday - the somberness is taken to a new level as the 40 days of Lent comes to its climax.  Easter Sunday can be celebrated with so much more Faith, Hope and Love. 

Which reminds me of this picture from CatholicVote


The Light of Christ...go forth!


  1. Valerie-
    Lovely pics....Great idea to form the votive candles in a cross! How pretty..... I may do that for my son's confirmation next year! Love it. You must be so proud of your class....
    You came over to my blog for my PHFR post yesterday and Valerie, yes, if you'd like to share my son's video, sure...I appreciate your interest and asking to post it, as well...
    How nice of you.
    Sure, you absolutely can share ---my son ( and I) will be honored... Thanks. ( Can you pols link back to my blog and also, can you pls LMK if/when you do post it at some point? I appreciate that..._
    Looking fwd to getting to know you via the blogoshphere:)

  2. Thank you so much, Chris! My husband teaches Confirmation at our parish, I know the teens there would be very inspired to view your sons video. I will certainly link back to your blog and whenever I post...absolutely. Thank you!!
    God's good grace to your days...

  3. "Sobering atmosphere."That's exactly what I want to have this Holy Week... I have to admire you for finding the time and effort to teach First Communion classes; may God richly bless you for that. And that Cross-shaped candle arrangement is just so beautiful :-)

    1. Thank you, Marcia...I hope your Lent has been going well! I cannot believe that Holy Week is upon us! Praying for our families...


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