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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Styling my Autumn Hutch

Displaying my silverware in a flower vase...
easy access, while reminding me to use enjoy the silverware more often.

Decorating for the season can be simple.
I never find decorating to be a hassle or burdensome.  If I did, I simply would not decorate.  Right?

Every day should be a day to celebrate.  Taking a moment to make my home a place of peace, beauty and full of life (for my family) is a priority.  I want my husband and children to love their home and have good memories, every day.

However, occasionally, I do become blase about decorating because the lack of ideas and inspirations...and the thought of pulling out the same old decorations from the past centuries years, will leave me a bit...inattentive.

Lately, I haven't the time to DIY, or shop or anything.  But, I have had the desire to spruce up kitchen and add some Autumn color.  So, what do I do?

I take my everyday hutch, and add a little color to it.  Bringing out my pumpkin ramekins and leaf plates changes the hutch in just minutes, and it does not cost me anything.  I picked up the ramekins on clearance some years ago.
Switching out cookbooks can add to the change of season decor.
Another simple decor solution that takes little effort at no cost.
I can place a touch of Autumn color in both hutches, or just the one.  
Placing potted fresh flowers on the side table adds a splash of color, and instantly creates a festive feel.  
The blooms have already lasted three weeks and they do not show any sign of dropping their flowers anytime soon.  

After the flowers finish blooming, I can either plant them in my garden, or transfer to an outside pot on the deck.  
Using a potted plant is an easy way to transform a space, and it is cost effective in comparison to fresh cut flowers

Now, onto another room...


  1. As always, you make being in touch with the seasons (climatic and liturgical :-)) the gratifying activity that it is. Just beautiful!

    1. So glad you stopped by, Marcia! God's blessings to you!


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