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Monday, September 14, 2015

First Days 2015 - 2016

Back to School.  Yes!

Having my little cyber-journal blog, makes it so convenient to quickly look back at the past several 'first days of school'...looking back brings such good memories, and allows me to see just how much we have matured as a family.

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary's feast day has a very special meaning to me and my family.  Thirteen years ago, we chose the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the day to begin our First Days of School.
St. Anne teaching young Mary

We attended Mass, and I thought the priest just might be talking directly to me:

[The Feast of the Nativity of Mary] "is more than cake and candles for our Lady's Birthday..."

{how did he know I was dreaming about cake...!?}

"...She was predestined to be the Mother of God...Pre-destination:  Those He called...those He justified...those who stand before God justly will be glorified."

{is he going to go back to the cake...?}

"{We should all be} an example of a Christian believer...Pre-destined, Called, Justified, Glorified."

I was inspired!

And still being unclear about the whole cake-thing...I made this instead:
It was a Happy & Blessed Day!
Blueberries:  Because Mary is often depicted wearing a blue mantle or sash.  The color blue is associated with royalty and peace, this describes the Mother of Our Lord nicely.  She is also the Queen of heaven and earth...the Sea and Sky are blue.
White (Vanilla) Ice Cream:  Because Mary is pure and without sin...full of grace.
{wouldn't cake go nicely with the ice cream...?}  ;o)

Sunshine Omelettes, celebratory & symbolic dessert, school supplies
& cornucopias  

Getting down to Business...
We use Kolbe Academy curriculum for our studies.  My children have been given a classical education with Ignatian methodology.  We are excited to begin the online courses through Kolbe Academy.  Both the courses and the instructors are excellent.  Kolbe Academy Home School and Online Academy has been a huge blessing!

School Supplies...
This year, I think this file accordion case will be my new go-to school accessory.  I can place all my busy work, to-dos, school work, etc and take with me...because life just goes and goes.

More School Supplies...because I am not happy until I am simply

My Daily Planner is still the most critical purchase that helps keep things running smoothly and organized.  I have been back and forth with planners...and this year I decided to return to the Catholic Daily Planner from Michele Quigley.
The San Damiano Cross in honor of Pope Francis' visit to America
(and my patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi)
I will miss the sturdy tabs that I found with Emily Ley's planner...they were color coded, too!  But I have found a simple solution that should work just perfectly for me.

First Days of School 2012 - 2013

First Days of School 2013 - 2014

First Days of School 2013 - 2014 Continued

First Days of School 2014 - 2015

To all those with college and school aged children,
Have a blessed School Year everyone!


  1. What a beautiful start! And you have everything covered, too: the soul (thanks to our Blessed Mother), the mind (thanks to Kolbe Academy), and the body (thanks to the thoughtfully prepared spread). And of course, there's you, your children's great blessing! Have a happy school year :-)

    1. Thank you, Marcia! I remember that you are fellow Kolbe family and I keep you in prayer, too! I hope things are going well and that your year is fruitful and peaceful.
      God bless!


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