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Thursday, March 20, 2014

~ phfr: Red & Black, Purple & Green ~

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Lent can be pretty


Someone is really happy that they achieved their white/black belt, her eleventh belt and just one belt away from black belt.  I am SO PROUD OF YOU MY SWEET GIRL!
Butterfly went from red/black belt to white/black belt...


This reminds me of the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz when the house dropped on her and only her legs were showing...


My son (and eldest daughter) helped design these tee-shirts for our recent Youth Retreat...
I hope to post some pictures write a post about the retreat before the year is over!  :o)
Our full theme for the retreat was:
Get Connected - Encounter Christ:  To Know, Love, and Live the Faith
Designed by Conductor & Butterfly

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  1. Congratulations, Butterfly! Give her extra credits for PE, mom! I really like your wreath; who said that wreaths should be round :-)

    Such an appropriate theme for a youth retreat... yes, please do write that post.

    Blessings to everyone!

  2. Congratulations on the white/black belt.

    I never quite understood all these different coloured belts we have gathered at home over time. And they're so expensive - about £5 each. Worn for a few months and then another colour is needed. When I offered to buy a lovely leather belt instead I was told it is not quite the same.

    Some people have no style!

    God bless.

    1. They are expensive...and I found out that the one who is trying for their black belt should not give away any of the accomplished belts...I thought I would save my younger the trouble, but apparently it does not work that way. Who knew? I didn't.
      You have style, Victor (although, leather is rather expensive, too).

      Good day!

    2. You're right. You cannot pass on a belt to another brother or sister. Each must have their own set of belts as they progress through the colours. And at £5 each belt it costs a fortune. And then there's the price of the outfit !!! I suggested they use pajamas instead ...

      I tried tempting them with a leather belt which is more stylish and lasts longer; but it did not work. So I suggested I make some belts out of old towels, or sheets. After all, it's only a piece of cloth. It can easily be painted by putting it in some dye. I was told I was a miser. Me? A miser? I was only trying to save the planet and the environment by re-cycling some old sheets.

      People don't get my style at all !!!

      God bless.

    3. You are not only stylish, Victor, but environmentally conscientious as well...very good traits.

      What martial arts do your children study?

    4. Karate.

      Hence why I lose all debates in this household!

      God bless.


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