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Saturday, March 8, 2014

~ Mystical Rose & Gardens ~

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A wedding cake to celebrate Traditional Marriage in our Archdiocese.
Our Lady, full of grace...keep us in your motherly care.

A few weeks ago I took a small group of teens from our parish Youth Group to a Benefit Dinner in San Francisco.  P.L.M.R or Pro-Life of the Mystical Rose is a Catholic organization led by youth, advocating the pro-life cause.  Their aim is to educate and inspire other youth to make a difference in today's world, in regards to Life & Death issues in our society.  I posted about the 1st Pro-Life Youth Conference NorCal HERE.


Foods from around the world were served.  Afghanistan, France, India, Ireland, Marshal Islands, U.S.A., Philippines, Thailand, Mexico...to name a few!  I was in my happy place.

There was also a very nice array of auction items...
Interestingly, I took more pictures of the food rather than the auction items...

This was the first go 'round.  (My before Lent-type serving)  Eating like a gluttonous... there was no tomorrow.  The food was delicious!  And colorful...I love a spectacular presentation!  
I have no shame in photographing my plate.
50% of the pictures on my iPhone are of plates of food.  It is a problem.

Multiple projects, including building of chicken coop for my Little Lamb.
The lumpia are from the PLMR Benefit dinner...just thought I'd throw them in there!
This is my handsome 16 year old son, who I endearingly refer to as CONDUCTOR here on my (mostly private) family journal blog...and, by the way, he likes it that way.  Thank you very much! :D  
Conductor has taken this weed infested piece of land and turned it into an amazing garden with full irrigation and landscape equipped with a fully functioning train and rail road tracks.  G scale 1:20.3 ratio (for those who get it - I don't.  It's like another language).  
Here is another post on the work Conductor has done, because I often forget when I see progress as slow going.

Whatever you decide to do in life, son, may you do it for the Glory of God!
Even using a blowtorch can be reverent!
This is the same young man that loves serving as an Episcopal Server and who thoughtfully brought an entire church all the Liturgical Vestments, Sacred Vessels and other items needed for Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Benediction...to our recent 3 day Youth Retreat.    Which shall have a post of its very own.   
It was a bit rustic, but we certainly made do.
I am so proud of you, son!  Thank you!!!
Little Lamb's Chicken Coop is taking shape...her companions never leaving her side.

Little Lamb, has been insatiably reading books about 'chickens'.  She has figured out how many chicks she will need to feed our family and possibly sell some eggs for profit (or at least to pay for the chicken feed).  I keep telling myself there is a good life's lesson here...

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  1. So does she have the chickens yet? My Mendocino granddaughters have enough chickens for their family (6 people) and to sell eggs to the neighbors as well. I think it's around 20 hens.

    1. Hi Anna. No we will probably pick them up this week...20? Oh my. I will allow 5 as a trial and go from there. They will start as chicks, so will not be in the coop until they are mature enough...

  2. What a wonderful post full of souvenir pictures of the family at work and play. I used to love lighting the incense as an Altar Server - not with a blow torch though.

    And all that food ... can one put on calories just by watching the photos?

    God bless you and your family, Hand-Maid.

    1. How wonderful that you were an altar server, Victor! You were probably a very pious young man...

      Ah, yes. The food. Worth every calorie.

      I have really been enjoying your history lessons and reading them with my youngest has been fun!
      God bless and thank you for stopping by, Victor!

    2. Would you believe the youngsters used to run to church every morning for the 7.00am Mass to be Altar Servers. In weekdays only two were chosen as Altar Servers. On Sundays the priest had up to twelve Altar Servers. Some actually served with the incense, Communion etc ... Others just sat around the Altar. Special days like Christmas and Easter were marvellous with many youngsters as servers.

      There will be more History Lessons soon. I'm researching various periods in history and various characters and will write some more. Let me know if you wish me to write about someone in particular.

      God bless.

    3. This sounds very similar to our parish. There are only altar boys, which consist of about 50+ boys ages from 8 - 18+...they become acolytes about the mid to late teen years. They all love to serve at the Holy Mass. My son is the head MC and organized the boys so that they rotate, we have had AB training (sometimes all day) so that they can deepen their understanding and ability to serve God in the liturgy. On most Sundays, there are anywhere from 6 - 18+ altar servers, although they are not all in the sanctuary, they do make an impressionable procession - all in surplice and cassocks, cross & candle bearers, thurifer and boat carrier...etc. Very reverent & solemn - they young ones are so cute with their hands properly folded & crossed. They look up to the older ones...

      I will have to think about the History lessons, but you are doing a San Frantastic job already...keep 'em coming! (no pressure)_

  3. Yes, I will wait for post on the three-day youth retreat. How nice to have a religious activity focused on the youth! And your involvement in pro-life causes is admirable. Indeed, our children have to be formed well as young people so that when they are adults, they are well-grounded and can live their faith in the middle of the world...

    How touching to see your Conductor maturing to a responsible young man! His parents are doing such a good job, no doubt :-)

    And may Little Lamb's poultry project be a success!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marcia...always wonderful to hear from you!
      Hope your Lenten season is going well.


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