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Friday, July 12, 2013

~ Progress ~

A while ago I posted about our garden and the different projects that we are working on, first HERE and then again HERE.

My son, (blog name: Conductor), has really taken over the entire grounds with my eldest daughter, (blog name:  Butterfly),  helping out tremendously.

I thought I would do an updated post with some pictures of the progress.








 I love this little "retaining wall" and the raised track.  Conductor has added many details; a lot of work has gone into his project.
It is A LOT of work...

There is still some unfinished work, but it looks so.much.better!  I am thankful and proud of all the work that my children have completed this far. 
What a difference in the appearance of the landscape...they are experiencing the pride of ownership.  They are enjoying the fruits of their labor - literally!  They go out and eat fresh fruit when in the garden...

Brother birds are at it again...

Sweet peaches, straight from the garden. 

 The corn suffered...but the nectarines are doing good. 


 And yes, we had a few casualties...

But overall, it was a great crop and worth every effort!


Thanks to my husband...here is my new (tiered) raised garden beds, awaiting soil...

...and the work continues!

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  1. Beautiful transformations! Nothing like gardening and yard work (and raising animals, too) to build character :-) Congratulations to the hubby and the doting kids who want to keep their mom happy! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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