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Sunday, July 21, 2013

~ pretty, happy, funny, real: St. Kateri, Family, Kaya & Twilight Train Edition ~

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Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
~*~ Lily of the Mohawks ~*~
Her feast day is July 14th.
St. Kateri was the saint from which Butterfly
chose as her Confirmation name.
Little Lamb made her sister a {pretty} lily white cake to help celebrate her feast day.
Little Lamb made "St. Kateri" out of fondant,
molding and sculpturing to make a {pretty} topper.
Hand-made with love, for her sister...
Little Lamb made the Lilies, too!
Saint Kateri, pray for us!
My niece turned ONE, it was a very {happy} Birthday!
It was wonderful to see cousins visiting together...family from Washington were in town.

My SIL did a wonderful job with decorations, fun & food...
 and more {happy}, as Conductor creates lights for his garden train!
Kaya is a nearly nine month old lab, who has taken up residency at our home (after stealing our hearts).  She figured out how to use the slide and was so proud of herself.
She's really ours...for {real}!
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  1. Is that white dog praying?

    Lovely cakes ... wish I could have some. Birthday wishes to your niece.

    The train looks great all lit up. Is it outdoors?

    God bless.

    1. The train is outdoors. My son has landscaped a portion of the yard with a train track (G-scale) running through it. Trains have become a hobby for him (as well as landscaping our gardens & installing the irrigation system - all part of the deal).

      Do dog's pray? I thought she was sleeping...I realize that animals do not have spiritual souls, but material souls. A good theological question, Victor!
      Would this be the same as worshiping God? In our morning lauds there is a psalms that covers this...I'll have to pay better attention.

      Have a prayerful day!

  2. Sweet, sweet sisterly love! It will that way 'til they are adults and with their own families because mom is teaching them well!

    Conductor's garden train project is becoming more and more impressive; 'looking forward to what he will add next :-)

    Kaya is in the best place and in the company of folks who will truly love her -- what a blessed doggie!

    1. Thank you, Marcia, and God bless you and your family!


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