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Thursday, July 4, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} ~ County Fair Edition

When I was a child, we used to recite this in our school every morning...

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Great Grandma's Quilt

 My mom is making yet another quilt...this time for her granddaughter (my niece).  My niece isn't married, nor does she expect any children in the near future...my mom said she probably wants to have one for safe keeping, in case she (my mom) passes on...
The quilt isn't finished, but it is still very {pretty}.

Last year, Little Lamb won a goldfish at the County Fair;  they gave her a second one for free.

This year, she tried her luck, and although she didn't get the Ping-Pong ball into the little fish bowl, they gave her a fish anyways.  Needless to say, she was {happy}!
O.J and Half & Half meet their new friend...Sushi
We ate the usual Fair fare...
"A fair is a veritable smorgasbord"...need I say more? 
Winning another goldfish at the fair, meant getting a larger fish tank.



Thankfully my children had 2 $15 pet store gift cards given to them (at Christmas). 
This allowed them to upgrade to a 5.5 gallon tank (kit on sale for $24!), with filter and light, etc...they then splurged on the colonnade, which reminded them of our recent trip to Rome.

Although it was Little Lamb's prize...everyone in the family wins.
No longer is prayer allowed in public schools (or to be exact:  the court ruled that government officials had no business composing a prayer for students to recite).  The Lord's Prayer...unconstitutional?  What!?
Do they allow our Pledge of Allegiance anymore?
We do in our "school". 
Happy Independence Day!

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  1. All the love and care that surely went into the sewing of that quilt!

    Little Lamb will have an easier time maintaining the new fish tank with the filter and all. And that colonnade is just the perfect touch!

    Glad to know that you are keeping properly enduring traditions in your school! God richly bless your homeschool!

    1. Your right; LL will have an easier time with the filter...I wish there was a "filter" system for Butterfly's guinea pig cage. :o)

      Hope you and your family have a blessed day!


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