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Friday, April 19, 2013

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So many pretties this week, I'm having a hard time deciding! 

While visiting with my parents, I took my dear mother out to visit some local thrift shops, antique shops, and home decor shops...at one of the antique shops I found a little something for my Butterfly's upcoming Confirmation.   
This is how they handed over my purchase...pretty.

My mother immediately said that she would copy make me an entire set, after I commented that they would make cute coasters.  I can just picture them under my teacups!
I love my mother and how she can just do these things...I need to learn!  Is there still time?  I turn the BIG 5-OH this year...

This purchase made me happy...what a steal!

I just love the happy mosaic work...one of my children said, "someones child probably broke a plate...and the mom probably wasn't happy"

I remember having one of these in our home growing up...it was in pink satin and (as a child) I used to love to play with it.  I would take all the pins out and make different designs or smiley faces...

My mom made this one, too.   She gives them out as gifts, I have my very own (but I would have liked it in pink satin). :op

This is real to me...my mother's hands.  I love how they have aged, yet, she continues to create lovely things...always something for her family or friends...in this case, her granddaughters friend's baby...each of my children have blankets, personalized with her work...

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  1. Everything in this post just completely warms my heart...a mother's hands, one of God's best creations. They held us as babies, guided us as babies taking our first steps and tenderly hold our own hands as adults taking care of our own children. As always, thanks for sharing :-)

    1. thank you...I like that "A Mother's Hands...".

  2. Nice post! The white doily looks so pretty on the brown bag.
    I don't really crochet and I am 55 but my mom crotchets lots!

    I don't have any advice for you the Internet privacy-safety-security issue. I've looked hard and can't really find answers. I will be back to blogging soon I think, but very guardedly.

    1. Maybe it just skips a generation...since we have our mom's to crotchet, maybe we just don't need to...?
      I'll get after my daughter to pick it up!

      Do let me know if you do find answers regarding Internet safety...as you say, it's such A Bother! Thanks, again, for posting about it!

  3. Ah, lovely. Thanks for joining and sharing this sweet tribute.

  4. I love the table! An elderly woman started a crochet class at church last year and that is how I learned (and it was fun).

    1. Ahhh, there IS hope for me! Maybe I will humble myself and ask my mother to try and teach me...again.

  5. Great post. Brings back memories. Thank you.

    My mother had a set of white doilies just like the one in the photo.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Victor. Have a beautiful day!


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