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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~ Triduum Sacrum ~ Part Three: Vigil Mass

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Each part of the Easter Triduum is beautiful, beginning with Holy Thursday (Part I) and Good Friday (Part II).

The Vigil Mass is a very important Liturgy.  New members are brought into the Church.
It is the beginning of Easter.

We gather outside the church...where a fire has been prepared. 

After the blessing of the fire, the Paschal Candle is prepared:

Christ yesterday and today
the Beginning and the end
Alpha and Omega
all time belongs to him and all the ages to him be glory and power through every age for ever.  Amen.
Father lights the Paschal Candle using the new fire.  Then, we process back into the (dark) church with the (lit) Paschal Candle...singing Lumen Christi.  With the very same flame from the Paschal candle, each of our candles are lit...until the entire church it filled with candlelight.  The Vigil Mass is so glorious!

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  1. ... and this post completes your beautiful documentary of the Triduum. A trio post to review again and again over the Easter Season :-)


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