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Thursday, April 4, 2013

~ Random Five on Friday ~ April 5th, 2013

Joining Miranda at The Pebble Pond to try and organize FIVE family friendly random moments in my life...Here goes!

1.  We are just beginning to celebrate Easter here...all 50 days of AWESOMENESS!

2.  I make oversized corny love notes and paste them on our walls to let my children know that I'm thinking about them...

3.  I love to photograph my garden...every year, same plants, over and over; I'm always excited and amazed at the new growth and I never tire of the beauty...

4.  See, I told you...

5.  After watching an episode on making cannolis on The Cake Boss, I have been craving one!  Cannoli.  Cannoli.  Where can I get an authentic fresh cannoli?
I'm happy to report that I experienced my first cannoli this week...after months of searching for the perfect one!  It was well worth the wait...If you're ever in San Francisco go have a cannoli and cup of cappeccino here at Stella Pastry and Cafe.  Oh my.
Blurry, but beautiful...
my hands must have been shaking from the excitement.

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  1. I am so liking your love notes, so I will go ahead and copy the idea :-). This is a good focus for link-sharing: family friendly random moments. Thank you for introducing me to The Pebble Pond. I think I will be visiting there, too, and maybe joining the link!


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