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Thursday, April 4, 2013

~ Church Bulletin ~

Do you read yours?
I love how our pastor includes many Easter Tradition ideas in our church bulletin.  We have borrowed a few ideas over the past seven or eight years...
Here are some to share:

No, not from the Easter bunny...lol.  The Blessed Easter Basket has (particular) items that symolize somthing special as it pertains to the Easter Celebration.  For instance,

THE EGGLong a symbol of life and re-birth in Catholic tradition.  The egg is the standard symbol of the Resurrection of  our Lord.  It also represents everlasting life and renewal for all who believe in HIM.  Eggs hold the seeds of revival and fertility upon the earth.  The colored egg is symbolic of the tomb in which our Lord was placed.  The egg was originally RED in color, representing the blood of Christ which purifies the believers.

Here are our eggs this year...we tried and tried to get the color, RED, but only managed to get a festive fuchsia...oh well.  We did try.

Our friend made some for our pastor, which came out a darker shade, it was a mixture of beet juice and something else...(onions, maybe; I can't remember!), I think these look much more authentic:

PASCHAL LAMB:  May be made of butter, sugar or baked dough.  It is the center of the symbolic foods-ladened table.  It is the central symbol to the Catholic faith.  For the fullest Easter celebrations, the Lamb is featured carrying a victorious red banner, upon which is a cross.  The Lamb, the symbol of ancient times as the sacrificial animal, now portrays Christ as victorious through this presentation.

We use many lamb symbols (on our table and throughout our home, including the butter, cake, sugar, and paper napkins and paper-mache!  Here are some pictures from years prior:

MEAT:  Ham or Sausage.  The pig, from which this meat is derived, is also an ancient symbol of prosperity.  Forbidden in the Old Testament, they are part of the bounteous meal of Easter.
My mother served both ham AND lamb...

HORSERADISH & PEPPER:  Symbol of bitter herbs of the Passover, signifying bitterness of spiritual exile and bitterness of the suffering of Jesus.
Peppered Potatoes
I'll partake in the horseradish (if roast beef is being served). :o)  Actually, it went well with the lamb.

VINEGAR:  Our Lord was given gall (sour wine) to drink as He hung upon the cross.  Vinegar reminds us of this act when He declared:  "I Thirst".

SALT:  By His words, we are the "salt of the earth", and we are reminded of our Holy Baptism into Christ. 

PASCHAL BREAD:  This is a round loaf of sweet bread, topped with the cross.  It symbolizes the bread of the Eucharistic Meal.  It also declares to us as it vividly declared to the Emmaus Disciples...Christ is known to us in the breaking of bread.  Shown here, at Family Food for Feast and Feria, is a beautiful example and wonderful turorial. 

MYRTLE OR OTHER GREENS:  The Easter Basket is decorated with little branches of myrtle of other greens.  Myrtle is a ritual green, a symbol of purity and is used to decorate all items in the basket.
I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of our Easter Baskets!!  Oh well, here are some other "greens":

OTHER CAKES AND SWEETS:  In addition to Paschal Sweet Bread, and assortment of various cakes and cookies may be used as part of the festivities.  Adorned with Myrtle, or other decoration, they add color and flavor to the Easter Basket. 
Little Lamb made the chocolate covered strawberries...
I've been wanting these all month!

Hand-made cake by my sister-in-law...so cute!
Our Easter Dessert Table is not complete without a carrot cake...
My mother made not one, but two kinds of cake!
Now I know where I got this from...

(I love this part!!!  Our pastor does not mince words!):
"Maybe your ancestors brought different customs and traditions to the USA.  Try to follow them.  Don't cut off your roots.  The tree with cut roots will die."

This is what I read in our church bulletin about the Blessed Easter Basket:  "The immigrants from Eastern Europe brought many beautiful customs to the USA.  One of them is the blessing of the food for the first meal of Easter.  Every Holy Saturday, some people carry baskets laden with food.  Others carry smaller baskets with an assortment of symolic items of food."

What meaningful traditions do you bring to the table...or around your house?
I'll be sharing more of our Easter traditions as we celebrate the
Fifty Days of Easter Joy...

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  1. Your blog is quickly becoming a go-to for liturgical living! Thank you for the rich ideas and your patience in documenting them. What a wonderful thing that Easter is all of 50 days because I can still work on the many ideas that I got here. Blessings!

    1. I have my pastor to thank...have a blessed 50 days of Easter!


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