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Thursday, April 11, 2013

~ Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ Gala, Art, Westies and Sacrifices

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 Everyone was looking {pretty} beautiful and handsome all decked out in their finest while attending a friend's Pretend Quinceañera Gala...

All the young ladies were in dresses and all the young men were in ties...they looked magnificent in their grand and noble attire!
Very Elegant!
They even took a poll of how they were to dress:
Formal, Crazy Tacky Formal, Casual, Semi-Formal.
It was good to see them all dressed up and having such a blast!!!
They are all such amazing young people...with such virtue and good moral character!
Another one of the teen guests made the birthday cake!
I was SO impressed with the detail and taste, (yes, I tasted it...the mom's & some dad's hung out for a bit at the end of the eve)
that I asked her to make my First Holy Communion Class' cake!
Very {pretty} cake!
{pretty} awesome tasting!
{pretty} details
My children have been very {happy} with our current art program!

They have been able to complete some fun and interesting pieces of

For more completed art work, click here!

{funny} in a {real} kinda way

Westies love to dig. They love to dig in, what else, dirt.
Lately, we have had rain.
Dirt + Rain = Dirty Westie...

Even though this makes him sneeze...my wonderful son brings me flowers from his garden.  I love that boy!
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  1. The cake is very pretty.
    The art program looks great! I will have to check it out.

    1. I have a 3rd, 8th & 9th grader...all three use and enjoy the same program. I should be able to re-use with my 3rd grader in a couple years again...I hope you find that it is useful, too.

  2. That cake is really pretty! I love how he brought you a flower.

    1. Thank you, Sarah...it melted my heart. And that cake...that girl's got talent.

  3. Beautiful post! I'm wondering who cleaned the bathtub after the dog? :)))

  4. I am amazed how that 2-tiered cake managed to hold up! The decor was simple but beautiful, too. I have no doubt it was delicious :-)

    That completed artwork deserves a good grade, Mom! The clear perspective and defined lines. Pleasant colors, too :-)

    I like your doggie's eyes -- the look of trust...

    And best of all, your son has the makings of a gentleman you can be very proud of!


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