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Monday, January 6, 2014

~ Most Post of 2014 ~ Link-UP

After hesitating to join any of the wonderful year end Link-Ups (because, truly, I have no "best" or "most" because at BEST, it is MOSTLY really, really quiet here...), and I've been enjoying reading the Most Post of 2014 over at Amongst Lovely Things (I just love the blog's name)...

OK.  What the heck...I'm throwing this together...here goes...

Post with the most clicks
coming in at 628 views and 35 comments (I think half are my own responses)

CHURCH BULLETIN (lots of views, but only 2 comments...?)

Post with the most comments
tying with 'most clicks' Living Lent, Loving Lent's comments at 35

Post with the best picture
anything with pictures of my garden or 'my' altar boys

 and Rome Sweet Home (again with 'my' altar boys)

Post that was hardest to write
Hmmm.  I think those have all been deleted or are sitting in the draft pile.  But here is the closest thing to my hardestRESOLUTIONS

Post that was my personal favorite
Just the everyday conversations that take place here in my simple life...

Linking up to Sarah's


  1. A great review of liturgical living in 2013, with the super bonus of seeing Pope Francis right before you! I failed to greet you a happy birthday, so -- happy, happy birthday! May your years be filled with blessings, graces, and love of family. I am thrilled to know that we are the same age :-)

    1. Thank you, Marcia.

      Here's a few quotes you might enjoy:
      I'm not 50, I'm twenty-eight with 22 years experience. ~Author Unknown

      Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age. ~Victor Hugo

      Old age is fifteen years older than I am. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

      Ev'ry season hath its pleasures:
      Spring may boast her flow'ry prime,
      Yet the vineyard's ruby treasures
      Brighten autumn's sob'rer time.
      So life's year begins and closes;
      Days, though short'ning, still can shine;
      What, though youth gave loves and roses,
      Age still leaves us friends and wine....
      Thus may we, as years are flying,
      To their flight our pleasures suit,
      Nor regret the blossoms dying,
      While we still can taste the fruit.
      ~Thomas Moore, "Spring and Autumn"

    2. These are great; thanks so much! I think I'm going to print them out :-)

  2. Valerie - thanks for those quotes in the "comments" section - excellent, all of them! And I'm always intrigued by the photos of the view - I keep wondering how closely you might live to one of my dearest friends (in the Hayward hills). The view is almost the same!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the quotes, Anna.
      It is a very small world...Although these are not the Hayward Hills we can be considered neighbors!


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