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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

~ Christmas Begins with Christ ~

I started this post with the hope of joining the "Keeping Christ In Christmas Carnival" over at Catholic Bloggers Network...maybe next year?!  :o)

The moment we have been waiting and preparing for...

I had also planned to post a few more of our Advent & Christmas traditions.
I'll finish my CHRISTmas post. 
Now that we are officially in Christmastide!  Let the Celebration begin...
I thought, since we call it a CHRISTmas Tree, that we should at least have ornaments that represent CHRIST on our tree.  Sound reasonable?

That would still include all the sweet little ornaments that my children have made over the years...and the thoughtful gifted ones from family and friends. 
At first, I started rotating some of the older and more sentimental ornaments...we've accumulated quite a few ornaments over the past 22 years (and those that we brought to the marriage - so, if you think about it, that's about 96 years of combined accumulation!! yikes).  We've lost some along the way...the count declined some at around the toddler years...no surprise there. 

Over the recent years, we have been collecting Christmas ornaments that are *CHRISTmas* themed...so, no snowman, ballet slippers, reindeer, or mouse ornaments - cute as they are.  We keep those *type* ornaments (that we already own) for sentimental reason, but have really been enjoying finding and adorning our tree with Christ-like ornaments.  Truly helping us to keep Christ in Christmas.

All things CHRISTmas. 

And, since I LOVE angels, and have quite the collection of angel ornaments, they are also included in the tree decor. 
Also, (and more importantly) since God has used good angels, as part of our Messianic history (as messengers and such), and are heavenly creatures - spiritual beings created by God, to serve and adore God and are our guardians;  They, too, have a place on our Christmas tree.  Besides, it was the angel Gabriel that announced the incarnation of our Lord to Mary...therfore, its appropriate to include angels. 
Hark! the herald angels sing,
“Glory to the newborn King!”

Angel proclaiming the Good News!
A little history about our current Christmas tree...

First, I LOVE fresh cut trees.  For the first eight or nine years of our marriage, we bought (when we could afford to) fresh cut trees.

Unfortunately, the home that we were living in sustained some floor damage from the *moisture* of the tree.  Huh?

After the first year, I thought that maybe the water from the tree base had overflowed, or spilled (undetected) as I filled it...but that was not the case.

After the second year, and carefully placing a layer of blanket & plastic cover on the floor beneath the tree, and still the damage on our beautiful hardwood floors occurred, it was then that I decided to go *fake*. 
I would miss the delicious smell of pine in my home.  :o(
However, I would not miss the pine needles on the floor, carpet, rugs...  :o)
Lights check.

So I searched and found a tree on clearance, and we have had Old Faithful our fake tree ever since. 
The tree came with lights...good idea at the time.  After several years, the mid-section of the lights died.  So, now we string lights through that section!   (Be none the wiser).

It is safe to say that we have gotten our money's worth; probably saving a small fortune.  And when I yearn for the pine scent permeating throughout my home...I just haul in a branch.  :o)

And place the pine discreetly about my home...
Hope you get lots of Presence for CHRISTmas! ;o)


  1. What a beautiful and carefully composed photo-essay, so rich in both spiritual and practical lessons... thanks so much; this is a great gift to your readers!

    1. Thank you, Marcia. Hope you and your loved ones are having a blessed Christmastide.


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