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Thursday, December 27, 2012

~ Twelve Days of Christmas ~

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I found these PRETTY place mats on clearance...I just love a good find at a great price.
 There were only two sets (of four) left.  Perfect.

Growing up, I never knew the real meaning behind the Twelve Days of Christmas...I knew the song well, but not the true meaning.  At least, I don't remember if I ever learned the true meaning. 


For each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, my children get to open a small gift...small and practical.
It could be a tooth brush and toothpaste, band-aids, shampoo, or colored Q-tips.    Practical.  My children are authentically thankful to receive these *gifts*. 

It teaches them to be appreciative for ALL that we have.  That we shouldn't take anything for granted.
They are always cheerful and HAPPY to open their gifts...even when they know that the gift will might be modest.  (I will throw in a home-run gift at some point...keeps the anticipation and excitement going).  :o)
We have not always done the twelve gifts, but we have always tried to keep things simple (and non-materialistic).

Let's face it.  We are blessed.  Blessed in so many ways.

It's just a fun tradition that helps to keep us focused on, and continue celebrating, the days of Christmastide.  I probably would not do this if I had a large family...but I can handle my little brood of three.  I also use gift bags (when I can) instead of individually wrapping the items.  I will wrap books in tissue paper and then place in a gift bag...I have re-used our gift bags year after year.
On Christmas Eve, after Mass, the children begin by opening their stockings...

Again, the contents are usually modest:
dental floss, toothbrush, tissue pack, chap-stick, lollipop (which I bought from my friend's daughter's American Heritage Girls fundraiser - win/win), candy cane and a mouthwatering orange

Orange Happiness ~ California Gold
As Little Lamb says:  "Momma, I love how you give us lots of fun things to eat, but then give us the tools to take care of our teeth...it's like giving a party, and then giving a dust pan". 

FUNny Fondant snowmanlady.


While picking up a needed item at the craft store, I saw that the Gingerbread House Kits were on clearance for $5 - I was planning on making some myself...but this was done.  And done is done.  REAL easy for the momma.

A little seismic retro-fit was needed for a couple cracks...California ready!

This kit came with some fondant...and the icing was already set to go.  All the candy was included.  I repeat:  Done is done.

We had so much other baked goodies on hand...that it wasn't an issue when we didn't eat the gingerbread house...well, we tried.  But nothing can compare to home-made gingerbread anything.

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  1. Yes, I like celebrating the 12 days also -- it is good to realize that all the things we take for granted are gifts! I noticed that many things happen "after" (during, really) Christmas that are quite fun and looked forward to -- a trip to a museum, playing board games, sledding -- and those can be gifts of Christmas also!

  2. Hi, I am glad you had a nice Christmas season.
    I am still smiling about the line- about the party and the dustpan. That child must always keep you on your toes :)

    The 12 days placemats are great. I love the real symbolism of the song. Several years ago I had an idea to do a 12 days theme for decorating at our our home, but I only got as far as buying an assortment of artificial pears.


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