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Friday, December 21, 2012

~ Christmas Oblation ~

"Delicate, Ornate, Festive, Beloved - The Christmas Wafer commemorates a custom which is in many centuries old.  Oplatek, from the Latin, "Oblatum" - Holy Bread - is "Our Christmas Oblation"...It is the most unique family celebration in Christendom perpetuated with the full blessing of the Church."

This tradition was introduced to us about seven or eight years ago, by our beloved Pastor.
Gift to our family, from our Pastor

Through this Wafer, or Oplatek, we are reminded of the Holy Nativity.

"We remember that Our Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem - literally, "House of Bread".

"In one custom, a small quantity of hay is placed undeer the table cloth, or on a special plate, covered with a white napkin.  Upon this "manger" are placed Christmas Wafers.  The Christ - Child from the home Nativity scene may be placed there, also.  A brief family Devotion, begins the family festivities of sharing the Blessed Christmas Wafers and the Vigil meal."

Every Christmas year, our pastor shares this Oplatek with his parishioners after every Mass.

"Breaking and sharing the Christmas Wafer in traditional ways, we make an Oblation of best wishes to family and friends, accompanied expression of forgiveness.  Thus we share in harmony and joy in Christ as the Christmas Festival Family of God.  As we continue this blessed tradition or begin a new heritage, our Christmas Holy Wafer help us bring joy and happiness to our hearts and homes, aiding us in joining the Angelic Chorus in their "Te Deum"."
Oplatek ~ Oblatum ~ Holy Bread

Our Christmas Oblation...The Family Service of GRATITUDE before Christmas Eve Supper
"VIGILIA" ~ December 24
Catholic Family Journal Post Edition

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