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Thursday, December 13, 2012

~ Cookies with a Kick ~

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This Friday is our Home School Group's 17th Annual Cookie Exchange...which is being hosted at my home this year.

Besides the Exchange and Refreshments shared, we recite the Rosary together.  Praying together and asking for prayers for the intentions in our hearts...a mother's heart. 

It's a good opportunity for the moms to get out and meet the knew moms in our group and to build friendships and provide support.

This year we will have two options, with regards to the Cookie Exchange:

The Traditional Exchange and the Revised Exchange.

Traditional exchange:
Bake 1 dozen of your favorite cookie/bar; so if a total of 10 moms participate, you bring 9 dozen of one kind of cookie to trade with the other moms. You take home 9 dozen different cookies to serve our family, or to give away as gifts.

Revised exchange:

Bring only your favorite cookie/bar recipe and samples to have at the party. You don’t exchange the actual cookies/bread, just the recipe.
You don’t have to bake the cookies for each participant, but you also don't get to take cookies home.


This year I'm opting for the Revised Exchange and I will be making:

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies.

pretty scrumptious

I went online and found several forms of this recipe, but in the end, I tried this one (Recipe originally from Martha Stewart) which I found through this helpful blog.

The Ingredients.

The Bakers.


Making and Baking cookies has never been easier. :D


I'm happy to have helpers!
Making/Baking cookies the Old Fashioned Way...using some *elbow grease*!

Keep up the good work, girls!  (coach and mom...and taste tester).  :o)

The secret ingredients that gives these cookies their kick?...chile powder! 
Intrigued?  I was.

funny, you would never guess that chile powder is used.
Will the fun ever end?  (and time to start brewing some tea)

Yield:  3 1/2 dozen amazing cookies.
I didn't think that there would be enough cookie dough to make a dozen,
let alone 3 dozen...but there was plenty!  For real.

Delicioso!  Maravilloso!
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  1. they look very yummy- they just need some Hot Chocolate for dipping

  2. Sounds wonderful, I love Mexican hot chocolate, and Mexican Vanilla for that matter! Thanks so much for sharing on our Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap.

    1. I was gifted with some Mexican Vanilla, once...I'd forgotten how yummy that is.
      We've found (and tried) so many wonderful recipes on your site - thank you! We bake partial and freeze the rest...then bring them out for parties & receptions (or when unexpected company drops by).

  3. I bet they were delicioso! Such a helpful crew, too!

    1. Yes...and now we will work on the *clean-up* aspect of baking. lol.

  4. your cookies look delish! i missed having a cookie swap this advent. ;(

    1. Our second batch turned out even better - we cut down on the baking time (from 10min) to 8/9 minutes. We will have plenty of cookies for Gaudete Sunday, although my kids want me to do the traditional exchange next year; where we end up with more selections. Thank you for visiting!


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