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Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Simple Christmas Decorations around the house...

Little reminders of what we are to be celebrating...

Preparing our hearts...
Still waiting...


Happy, happy, happy!


Pleeeease, I promise to be good....

Privileges have their price...

Breakfast in bed...
Little Lamb's 103 temperature...gone.
More Real...
Every year, ever since I can remember, my grandfather & grandmother have given each of his children and sons/daughter in laws and grandchildren an envelope for Christmas.
In each of the envelopes were crisp new dollar bills...
over the years, and as our families grew
the children (spouses included), grandchildren (spouses included), great grandchildren (spouses included), great-great grandchildren....received these envelopes (and the amount always increased!)
Always crisp new bills.  Not that it matters.
The point being, grandpa and grandma and my dear Aunt who lived and cared for them,
never forgot us.
Even after my grandmother passed away...my grandfather and aunt continued the tradition.
They gave.  Whatever they had, they gave.
Just as Christ gave of Himself...
A few days ago, my father & mother stopped by to deliver these envelopes,
from my dear aunt...on behalf of my grandparents.
Let us never forget the reason that Christ came to us...
Let us not forget CHRISTMAS and its true meaning!
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  1. Yes, being remembered is one of the greatest gifts.

  2. Love all the touches of red!
    Thanks for joining!


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