"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Saturday, November 10, 2012

~ Flies; To be or not to be... ~

Little Lamb likes to keep her shoes here,
rather than in the shoe cubby rack (just two feet away).

Scene:  Mom & Little Lamb in the kitchen, cooking breakfast together.
Mom:  Oooh.  There’s a fly…(running to get the zapper).

LL:  What?

Mom:  Correction, There WAS a fly in the house.

LL:  Did you kill it?!

Mom:  Yep.

LL:  Why???

Mom:  Because I didn’t want it to lay its eggs in my house, or to land on my food and spit up all over it, or…

LL:  Why not just let it free!?  It could have had little babies; God made it like that.  Imagine if you were living in its belly…   You could have just killed a million lives.  It should be flying outside like it’s supposed to be.

Mom:  (after a moment of silence) You’re my little St. Francis.

LL:  Well, I would never touch it.

Mom:  Do you mean physically & literally “touch” it, or to hurt it “touch it”.

LL:  Both.  (pause)  Well, unless it ate my favorite kind of cake.

Mom:  LOL (loudly)

LL:  (thoughtfully pausing).  Just kidding.


Little Lamb...lover of babies, animals and all God's creatures

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  1. That is so profound and sweet at the same time! Children like your Little Lamb assure us that yup, biological diversity has some hope! Btw, that's a nice collection of shoes there :-)


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